Xavier Henry Having Second Thoughts?

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

The bizarre recruitment of Xavier Henry appears to be taking another crazy turn. Following Calipari's exit from Memphis, Xavier and his brother were being courted heavily by Kentucky and Kansas, but in the end they chose the Jayhawks.

However, there are rumblings that the Henry camp is very, very unhappy with some "promises" made by Bill Self and the KU staff.

Another kicker involving this situation is the draft status of Jodie Meeks. Jodie has every intention of remaining in the NBA draft if he finds a suitor in the late first or early second round. It was widely believed that Xavier wanted to attend the University of Kentucky and play for Coach Cal, but his family's influence swayed him towards Lawrence, Kansas.

Considering that Xavier had already signed a LOI to play at Memphis and was released, he wasn't able to sign a LOI with the Jayhawks, leaving open the opportunity for Xavier to change his mind anyday.

Stay tuned...The Henry's are a never ending recruitment!


Who is Josh Smith??

A true defensive presence is a luxury most teams in the country constantly covet. Josh Smith, a 6'10", 270 pound true center, has the ability to provide just that to the suitor of his choice. Excellent feet and quick leaping ability for a mammoth of a young man, Smith will provide near instantaneous results on the defensive end of the floor.

Smith is blessed with terrific court vision and passing ability for a man his size and has steadily been improving his offensive skill set. He possesses the talent to be a one and done type big man (as long as weight doesn't become an issue) and has a feel for the game that all big men wish they possessed.

Smith has a list as long as his 6'10" frame but has several potential suitors(Louisville, Duke and the West Coast Powers). His list includes all of the blue-blood programs throughout the country and he has offers from the majority of the top 25 programs.

Smith is still considered to be a wide open with his recruitment, but whomever lands this monstrous post player will be ready for an immediate impact.


Down Goes Nadal!

Rafael Nadal has been beyond dominant in his career at the French Open. He had posted an unbeaten streak of 31 matches and losing only seven sets during the run. However, that all came to a screeching halt against Robin Soldering.

Soldering derailed Nadal 6-2, 6-7 (2), 6-4, 7-6 (2) in the fourth round Sunday at Roland Garros and even had a few choice words for the Spainard following the match...

"He can't feel good right now," said Soderling, who called Nadal "the greatest clay-court player of all time."

Soderling, the trash talking Swede, is seeded 23rd at the Open this year and appears to have opened the door for Roger Federer after defeating Federer's nemesis, Nadal.


Well that was boring...

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well that was an anti-climatic game to watch tonight. I don't think the Cavs ever got within 10 points of the Magic tonight. Lebron looked exhausted and I think thats okay, his back has to be killing him from keeping his team in this series for 6 games.

Dwight Howard was spectacular tonight. He ended up with a playoff career high of however many points it was (40 points I think, but don't quote me). There was no one on the Cavs' team that could slow him down, so they could forget about stopping him. I suppose I was just hoping for another one of those barn burner games that these playoffs have been full of this year. Instead, it played out like any other regular season game that is a complete bore.

I would like to throw out there that I did appreciate the "Gone Fishing" picture they showed after the game with Lebron's puppet being tossed in the water by Lil' Penny. I can't help but to get giddy anytime there is a Penny Hardaway reference on television these days. It was by far the most entertaining part of this game.

Next up for Superman and Super Hedo (we'll see if it sticks), the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant. I am an avid Kobe fan, but I could very well see the Magic winning the 2009 finals if they keep hitting three pointers like they ain't a thang.


So updating your facebook is dangerous now huh?

Soo let me see if I got this straight...a backup no name player for the Atlanta Falcons was just released on bond from fighting with his wife about his facebook status?

You have got to be kidding me? I don't know who to blame for all this ridiculousness. Sounds like Quinn Ojinnaka has some issues with his wife that needs ironed out before he re-enters the facebook world.

Who would have thought that typing a simple facebook update would get you stabbed with a pen by your wife? Where is the trust at? Then he had to react in a mature manner by throwing her out of his home and in the process shoving her down the steps? I mean really? Who the hell is Quinn Ojinnaka anyways?

(That might be the first time I have ever written a whole paragraph with all interrogative sentences.)

I just find the whole thing to be so idiotic that it was worth blogging about in a boring sports day. So thank you Quinn, for your ignorance has saved the writer's block I was having this evening.


New Poll...

We put up a new poll this morning....don't forget to vote!

Wanna thank everybody for continuing to read and welcome all the new people....

We've taken off fairly quickly and are getting way more unique impressions on the site than we ever expected this early in the game!

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The Serial Bitcher Attempts to Clinch...

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

Kobe Bryant, the best closer in the game, attempts to do just that tonight, close out the season for the Denver Nuggets.

Whether you love him or despise him (like me), you have to admit to the greatness that is Kobe Bryant. He dropped 81 in an NBA Live '99 type performance, has obtained three rings VIA Shaq's jockstrap and managed to keep his wife around after being indicted on rape...the man has found ways to get it done.

The upstart Denver Nuggets have been inspired by Mr. Conference Final, Chauncey Billups, and have been more than competitive in this series, but can they deny Kobe a chance at one more championship ring?

The Denver crowd will be raucous and maybe, just maybe, we can get a ladder match with Vince McMahon at halftime? Possibly, a Kenyon Martin and Mark Cuban post-mother's day cage match? We can hope!


Sun Touching the Sun...

They sure do grow 'em big in China these days.

A 7'9" mountain of a man, Sun Mingming, is drawing comparisons to the Houston Rocket's center, Yao Ming.

The slow-footed giant has his eyes set on being the tallest man to ever grace an NBA hardwood. Imagine, someone making Yao look rather small! Don't expect to see him in the NBA anytime soon, though. Apparently, Sun makes Desagna Diop look as fast as Lebron.


The Life and Times of a UK Fan...

They've often been labeled fanatical and, to an extent, insane. Kentucky fans represent their program to the highest degree. They travel, they pay, they cheer and they wear their colors with pride. Yet, at times, a percentage of the fan base loses their mind over the most minute detail or situation.

I suppose that is understandable considering the anguish the program and fans have dealt with over the decades. Point shaving scandal's, the death penalty and numerous violations in football have all lead to a pessimistic attitude that starts a stadium size wave over the massive internet community. The recent accusations have brought the ecstatic fan base to its collective knees.

Visit the widely used Rupp Rafters portion of The Cats Pause and you will see a panic that can be rivaled only by fans of Miley Cyrus after a blasting by Perez Hilton.

Every fan base has their bad apples, sure. However, with the largest internet fan base in the country, Kentucky fans rear their ugly head more often than anyone in the country. This behavior has helped fuel the hate of Kentucky basketball all over the internet world.

I plead with fans to step back, take a breath and enjoy the facts instead of the doom and gloom. Kentucky has hired a coach who is making a splash and making them relevant within the realms of college basketball once again. A coach who has been lambasted by the media and opposing fan bases over the years for "alleged" bad behavior. Yet, his name is the cleanest of the clean in regards to NCAA violations. This new blip on the radar is news, folks, because Kentucky is back.

You just locked down the #1 recruiting class in the entire country and have a chance to return the two best players in the SEC and country. Calipari was not mentioned in these allegations! REMEMBER THAT! Quit failing to read the facts and opening your ears to what media hacks like Pat Forde have to say regarding the situation. The media reports this story to get people to watch, listen and read....and that is exactly what you as fans are doing.

Once again, step back from the computer, take a deep breath, bask in the wonderfulness of Kentucky basketball being front page news! It's been five years since you've had the opportunity to be a pre-season top 5 team and your pessimistic nature is ruining what should be an optimistic crowd of epic proportions. When Kentucky is winning games and the Memphis probe is put on the back burner, you will see your team on the front page for W's and you will all be clamoring about the greatness that is Coach Calipari.


Unheard of...

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wow, King James decided not to dissappoint tonight. I wasn't going to blog anything about this game, but when a guy scores 17 fourth quarter points and drops 4 assists and accounts for 32 straight points for the Cavs, then I think it deserves some sort of recognition.

What Lebron James did tonight was nothing short of amazing. He once again put this team of scrubs on his back and closed the series to 3-2. Although, there was a Daniel Gibson sighting tonight. (Whatever happened to this kid after he went off in the playoffs his rookie year?)

I just mentioned what Lebron did in the fourth quarter alone. It should be noted that he did end up with a triple-double consisting of 37 points, 14 rebounds, and a modest 12 assists. I still see Orlando pulling this series out on Saturday, hopefully I am wrong.


UK Fires Back!

I hope you're ready for a war, Billy.

Everyone around the Kentucky fan base may get their wish and all of the "BCG Stories" will officially come out during this court case. BCG may have officially ruined any chance he had to obtain employment at a reputable institution and I LOVE IT.

May your career RIP Billy Clyde Gillispie.


Do or Die for the King?

A downtrodden city lies in wait. Cleveland, Ohio has been waiting for a championship since before the majority of us were conceived. A city that has been economically depressed and savaged emotionally over the past twenty years has labeled King James their savior.

Athleticism, raw talent, business savvy, charisma and charm can all be used to describe the one that is known simply as, "The King." However, following the most successful season in franchise history and two sweeps in the playoffs, the wheels have begun to fall off. Cleveland now trails Orlando 3-1 in the best of seven Eastern Conference Finals and many Cleveland fans seem to have accepted their fate once again.

Message boards are in panic mode and for good reason. Only eight teams in NBA history have returned from a 3-1 deficit and tasted victory. Can Cleveland become the ninth team to do so? Lebron James and his broad shoulders are their only hope. His teammates have, seemingly, disappeared throughout this series and the vaunted Cavaliers defense has allowed around 800 three pointers to touch the bottom of the net. The odds are obviously stacked against Lebron James.

Can he lift a team and even a city off the proverbial floor and reestablish their faith in winning this series?

We'll find out tonight. Escape with a win and the sliver of hope becomes a chance and all a fan can ask for is a, "chance."


A Black Eye for Calipari?

Memphis has been accused of several NCAA violations under Coach Calipari's watchful eye. However, Calipari was not mentioned in the aforementioned report.

""It's important to note that there are no allegations against John Calipari in the report," Peevy said."

The allegations include Derrick Rose, possibly, having someone participate and complete the SAT exam for him and failure of Rose's brother to pay back a booster for a trip.

While, Calipari was cleared of any wrongdoing and the University of Kentucky has stated they knew of the investigation prior to his hire, the ammunition has been given to opposing fan bases and the media.

Calipari has a reputation that has followed him throughout his career(The UMASS Camby Incident) and the media has already put Calipari and Kentucky on blast, so to speak.

While, the fact remains, Calipari has been convicted of ZERO violations during his NCAA career. Guess what? That's less than Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, John Wooden, John Calhoun and several others. However, he's treated as if he is Dave Bliss by the media.

Weather the storm UK fans...this will all be a distant memory once the season starts.


Billy Clyde Lays Down the Law...

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Billy Clyde Gillispie, apparently, had too much to drink while in Northern Texas and filed a 6 million dollar lawsuit against the University of Kentucky Athletics Association for breach of contract and fraud.

The problem? Ol' dumbass himself, Billy Clyde, never signed a formal contract during his tenure at UK. Instead, he felt the need to operate under a "Memorandum Of Understanding" for his two year term at Kentucky. Maybe there were terms in his contract referring to his alcoholic tendencies or handing out schollies to the K-3 all-stars.

I suppose Billy won't be able to make his nightly rounds to Two Keys and McCarthy's (while wearing sunglasses at night...idiot) after this news has hit the press. Such a shame, I was really looking forward to the day a drunken UK fan knocked the shit eating grin off his face and forced Billy Clyde to quip, "I just wasn't tough enough. I just got flat out whooooped."

Really, I'm not bitter at the ridiculousness of the BCG tenure.

It doesn't make me the least bit angry.

F&$&*(#$&# IDIOT.


Volleyball Booty of the Week.......#4

Hellllo, Misty May...


Lights out...

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Was it just me or did Lebron just look tired at the end of the fourth quarter and in the overtime period? Lebron is not getting any help in this series at all from any of his teammates. Maybe I'm seeing it differently, but it appears like they find a way to get the ball to King James and then just sit around waiting on him to drive the middle and create something. I will give the Magic credit though, any team is hard to beat when they are hitting 67 threes in one game, or however many it was.

Nike better get ready to change their puppet ad up and put in Dwight Howard. Or they could flip the script and put in Hedo Turkoglu. I want to see his puppet prancing around screaming jibberish that no one understands at Kobe. Now that would sale shoes.

It isn't going to be easy for James and the Cavs to pull this series out. I, like everyone else in the world, want to see a Lebron vs. Kobe match-up in the finals. Hopefully, The Black Mamba doesn't let me down too.

Oh almost forgot, this just came in hot off the press...John Calipari just sneezed...uh oh Kentucky, he might just be human afterall. Maybe he'll tweet an apology later?


Calipari Twitters an Apology...

Calipari has, seemingly, done everything right since becoming the head basketball coach at UK.

However, his first boo-boo may be failing to meet with Eastern Kentuckian, Landon Slone. Slone was a preferred walk-on under the former Gillispie regime.

According to Tipton,

“I asked several times to speak to Coach Cal to see what was in my best interests,” Slone said.

That meeting never took place.

Of his best interests, Slone said, “I think it’s starting to get very obvious.”

Yet, before the roar of disapproval in the Big Blue Nation could muster more than a whimper,
Calipari tweeted an apology heard by nearly 100,000 twitter users.

UKCoachCalipari: Sorry to Landon Sloan. Heard he waited to speak to me in my office but I didn’t know. Really sorry. We are still trying to get organized!!

Accept the apology and move on Eastern Kentucky. Calipari had more important things to do...like recruiting John Wall.


A Duke Player Playing Dirty?

What's this? A Duke Alum playing dirty?


At least, not in the eyes of Duke fans. I'm sure that was an accidental trip...similar to Christian Laettner stomping on Timberlake in 1992.


Studio 54 closing up shop at UK?

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

Rumors are beginning to swirl that Jodie Meeks has every intention of staying in the NBA draft this season. The catch? Jodie is looking for a guarantee from a team for the early second round.

Meeks, whom would likely be a pre-season All-American candidate, had a year to remember last season. He placed his name in the Kentucky record books with a display that would make Pistol Pete proud(a 54 point effort in Thompson Bolling). Meeks is a dead-eye shooter, but has many areas of his game that need improving, specifically his ball handling abilities. Many around the UK program felt Meeks would return and hone these skills within the confines of the DDM offense that Calipari has made famous.

However, it appears that Meek's eyes are on the prize, so to speak. He has every intention of staying in the draft if the right opportunity presents itself and it is rumored Calipari is exhausting his resources to make this wish come true for Jodie.

This could be a blow to the lofty expectations that have engulfed Wildcat Nation following Calipari's enormous recruiting haul this spring. To maintain these lofty expectations the Cats will need Darnell Dodson and John Hood to come to the forefront and help replace the guaranteed 15-20 points a game Meeks would have provided.

Who woulda thunk it? Patterson, a guaranteed first round pick, removes his name without working out and Jodie is intent on staying.

Who could blame the kid, though. His student-athlete experience has consisted of a coach leaving in the middle of the night, an injury filled sophmore campaign and a junior year, while great stat-wise, that was ruined by a coach who thinks he is Bobby Knight on steroids(after a few too many Maker's Marks). That isn't exactly the experience most collegiate athletes envision when enrolling at their selected school.


Give him a break

Jayson Williams can't seem to catch a break. First of all he is 41 years old, so it's cool that he was out clubbing at 2 A.M. Perfectly normal for any middle aged man to be out doing. So he might have accidentally punched a guy in the face. I am sure the guy had it coming.

Add that to the fact that he had to be tasered a month or so ago and his wife filed divorce papers earlier this year and you understand what Jayson Williams needs to do. It's right there in front of his face. He just needs help realizing it.

Become a rapper. He has more street cred than 90% of the rappers out there already. He has been accused of murder, lost his wife, punched a guy in the face at a club, and been tasered. What more ammo does he need? Even Eminem would have to tip his hat to all the craziness Jayson Williams has been through this decade. Plus, if R. Kelly, can get away with peeing on a 15 year old girl, then surely Williams can be forgiven for his mishaps over the past year.

Plus who can forget the crazy success that NBA players have had crossing over to rap? I have no doubts that Jayson Williams will be a shoe in to go platinum.


Indy 500?

>> Sunday, May 24, 2009

Does anyone watch the Indy 500 anymore? A former spectacle that is now on par with the WNBA playoffs and MLS all-star game...NASCAR now reigns king in the auto racing world, but open-wheel racing has provided us with one thing worthy of our attention.

In lieu of the Indy 500 we present to you...

Danica Patrick...

Fiesty, smokin' hott and she can drive a car with the best of them. I believe a slide show of her SI & FHM photo shoots would get better ratings than the actual race.

Enjoy on this lazy Sunday.


Cavs WIN!

They haven't had that much excitement in Cleveland since Bernie Kosar was leading the Brown's down the field 20 years ago.


Who knew, Ariza...

Trevor, Trevor, Trevor! Who knew you would be so clutch? Where did this reliable three point shooting come from? If I recall, you had Ben Wallace range coming into this season. Now, when the lights are the brightest, you've become Kobe's most reliable teammate. Sure, Pau is a stud in the post when he feels the need and we all know Lamar Odom has a sick skill set that every 6'9" or 6'10" NBAer wishes they possessed, but Trevor, where has this been hiding?

Clutch three point shots, ridiculous defensive help to end the game and a humbleness that should be illegal on this Laker roster of drama queens.

Kobe has been ridiculously good this series, but that we expected. What we didn't expect was Ariza to be the man making the clutch defensive plays at the end of the game. Without his thievery in the waning seconds of game 1 and game 3, this series could be leaning in the Nuggets favor. However, thanks to Trevor freaking Ariza, it looks like the Lakers are headed for another finals appearance!

Welcome to the big time, Mr. Ariza.


Reply to the post below...

>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

To reply to the post below, I am not going to come on here talk about how Penny Hardaway is the greatest player ever and that Lebron James is just a second tier player. Although, if Lebron wants to prove something to me then he will have to show that he is more than just a basketball player. I mean not only was Penny terrorizing defenses in the mid ninties... but he did all this while pulling off an oscar worthy performance as Butch Mcray in the underrated movie "Blue Chips." There was such emotion that could be felt when he decided he didn't want to go to school anymore and just wanted to move back home. If you haven't saw this golden nugget, rent it as soon as you are finished reading this blog and clicking on any and all ads.

Im kidding, I actually love Lebron James. He is obviously a super intelligent guy who has an eye for talent. Just check out this interview with him if you don't believe me.


The NCAA Gets it Wrong, AGAIN!

Jeremy Jarmon, Kentucky's stud defensive end, has been suspended for his senior season following a positive drug test. The drug in question is believed to be a dietary supplement Jarmon was using to shed a few extra pounds.

While, Jarmon should have discussed the supplement that he was taking with his athletic trainers and advisers, a full year suspension is ludicrous. Jarmon is an academic superstar and has never had any off the field issues in his illustrious career. The NCAA's ability to properly educate and inform student athletes on the use of over the counter supplements that can be purchased at GNC or your local vitamin store is ridiculous. Sure, they inform them on the dangers and ramifications that come with steroid and HGH use, but they are misinformed and undereducated on the use of these other dietary supplements.

The NCAA is supposed to look out for the best interests of their student athletes, yet, they allow certain schools to trot out repeat offenders and criminals on a daily basis. Supposedly, trying to drop a few pounds is a worse offense than going Eric Devendorf and punching a female in the face(Devendorf received a minimal suspension this past year for his conduct).

Watching Jeremy Jarmon break down in his press conference this morning was heart wrenching and depressing. Jeremy has worked hard to become the best football player he can be and will be forced to miss his entire senior season and a chance to attack the sack record at the University of Kentucky.

Best wishes to a great kid, a great ambassador for his University and an excellent student. Work hard, Jeremy and the Big Blue Nation will enjoy cheering for you on Sunday's.


Lebron James=Big Shot Bob...

Lebron James decided to do his best Robert Horry impersonation last night and succeeded. Lebron's fadeaway three pointer at the buzzer literally saved the Cavs season and David Stern's dream of a Kobe vs. Lebron final.

Lebron continues to elevate his game to another stratosphere and is paving his way to be the greatest the game has seen. Call me a Lebron homer all you want, but when the man is knocking down a jumper consistently there is no stopping him. He has single handily carried this Cavs team to this point and will win this series (if David Stern has his way).

It's truly amazing what Lebron has been able to do considering that Mike Brown runs an offense that resembles my 4th grade pee wee basketball team. Basically, spread it out and let your best player attempt to score every single point. This same offense, amazingly, won Mike Brown the NBA Coach of the Year Award. Once again, another testament to the true talent of Lebron James.

*Expect Kris to show up and tell us how Penny Hardaway was the greatest and Lebron is a second tier NBA player*


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>> Friday, May 22, 2009

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Michael Strahan....the next Bill Cosby?

Sandford and Son, The Cosby's, The Urkels, Tyler Perry and Michael Strahan????

The Gap-Toothed One's sitcom, "Brother's," has been picked up by Fox this fall. Sure, he has a nice sense of humor and does a decent job on Fox NFL Sunday, but an actual sitcom? How many teeth jokes will be in the first episode? I'm guessing 12 and a cancellation after four short weeks!

I'm not sure what to think about this recent football star to television trend that has occurred. Sure, I can handle you on ESPN(except Emmitt Smith and his first grade vernacular) and other pregame shows, but when Lawrence Taylor gets coked up and cha cha's with a hot blonde on Dancing With the Stars, I begin to worry.

However, I may be wrong. Michael Strahan may be a success like his former teammate, Tiki Barber.

I mean, calling your co-host a CUNT on national television really helps support the cause!

Maybe, just maybe, athletes will begin to realize that all of them are not destined to be superstars, ala Jason Taylor. 'Til then, enjoy watching Michael Strahan attempt to be the next Theo Huxtable.


Another nice finish...

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well another great playoff game tonight with a close finish. This time it was Carmelo and company stealing a game from Kobe's Lakers. I could sit here and report the score of this game but you can check all that out on ESPN. Instead I want to touch one a few things I realized during and after this game.

First of all, Kenyon Martin gets on my nerves. Seriously, was there really any reason for you to take a swipe at Trevor Ariza's body like that? For that matter was there any reason you had to have a pair of lips tattooed on your neck? Classy. I'll give you credit though, at least your f-bomb to point ratio these past two games has been closer than it was all of last series against the Mavs. I think I might actually side with Mark Cuban on this one now.

Next point I want to talk about is how terrible the Nuggets' away jersies are. It looks like a rip off of the San Diego Chargers' alternate jersies only they come off more gay. I don't mean to use the word "gay" in an offensive way toward anyone but it's the only term I could come up with to describe these metalic powder blue jersies. It's kind of like trying to explain a man wearing a fanny pack to someone, what else can you say other than it's kind of gay?

The last point I want to bring up from tonight's game is Stuart Scott being the most played out analyst in the history of analysts. Come on Stuart, it's 2009. Saying something is "cooler than the other side of the pillow" hasn't been "cool" since the Smashing Pumpkins were cranking out hit after hit in the 90's. You honestly make Wilbon look hip and thats not an easy task. (I actually dig Wilbon) You are now in your mid forties, it's time to adapt your commentary to match your age. Ah, who are we kidding? I shouldn't expect much from a North Carolina graduate.


Coach K wonders why he can't sign....

a legitimate big man these days...

I suppose when the former 5-star flop known as Zoubek is off the team...he'll have better luck! :)


Helllllllllo, Miss Collins!

Melanie Collis is the best thing to happen to the NBA since John Stockton retired the short shorts.

Most of the internet world had no idea that Miss Collins even existed until bustedcoverage.com broke the story of her scandalous facebook pictures. Rejeitados.com took it a step farther and took to the internet to recover tons of pictures of NBA TV's resident eye candy (see link above)!

I predict a promotion is in order for the aforementioned Miss Collins. I mean, TNT has to be in drastic need of a sideline reporter...considering we are always graced with the presence of....

....Craig Sager and his wonderful array of 1983 polyester jackets.

You think TNT would have learned from ESPN that the best business move is to put somebody like Erin Andrews on the sidelines and provide testosterone filled men a nice angle for their camera phones! These lovely ladies provide men with one thing at a sporting event, something too look at during TV timeouts. Example:



Orlando Wins!

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a nailbiter this game turned out to be. At first, it seemed as if Lebron and company were going to run away with this game much like they have every other game in Cleveland this year. Instead, Orlando rallied on the back of Dwight Howard, or was it Rashard Lewis? I think it was the spirit of one Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway that guided the Magic to a key playoff victory tonight. That has no truth in it whatsoever, but I wanted to write about how Penny was one of the most underrated players of all time and I thought this was a good lead in.

Lets not forget who put the Orlando Magic on the map. It wasn't Shaquille O'neal, it was the flashy 2nd year point gaurd that lead this team to the 1995 finals birth. People always hate on Penny being hurt his whole career, he whined, got his coaches fired, blah, blah. The truth of the matter is people often forget how far Penny came in such a short time in the NBA.

He was a first team All NBA player by his second year in the league. He was the first guard that warranted legit comparisons to Magic Johnson. He was a 6'7 true silky smooth point gaurd that could score, pass, and rebound with anyone else in the league at that time. How else can you explain the reason that Nick "I shot a solid 3% from the free throw line" Anderson or Dennis Scott (Who might be the most unathletic player ever in NBA history not named Brian Scalabrine) stayed productive in the league all those years? One answer, Penny Hardaway.

Does anyone remember that 1997 series with the Miami Heat when Penny plus a team full of scrubs (e.g., David Vaughn, Rony Seikley,etc.) took the series to 5 games after being down 2 to 1? How did this happen? It happened because Penny decided to showcase his abilities by averaging 42 points a game. Then came the microfacture surgeries on the knee and left us with the Penny that we saw in Phoenix, New York, and Miami last year.

If not for these numerous microfacture surgeries, Penny would have ended up being a hall of famer. I'll go a step further, if Penny had not got injured so early in his career he would have went down as one of the top 5 NBA players of all time. Maybe I am being a bit biased, but who cares? It is partially my blog. If you need a reminder of how good Penny really was, take a look at the video below.


Volleyball Booty of the Week......#3

Welcome to the third week of our best volleyball booties!



John Wall Presser...



Countdown til UT is on Probation!

Lane, Lane, Lane. We all know you learned from the best cheater in the country, Pete Carroll, but you may want to slow down a bit on the violations! How many have you committed before your first game? 46? 47?

Just because your wife is smokin' hott...

...doesn't mean you have an excuse to ignore recruiting rules.

On top of your repeated violations, you've already pissed off Mr. Sensitive, Urban Meyer, and have a beat down of epic proportions waiting for you in The Swamp. I suppose you wanted to come in with a bang, but that bang may be as short lived as your stay in Knoxville if you continue at this pace.

Therefore, in your honor...we are now starting the countdown until UT is on probation.

Good Luck!


Hide your dogs....

Mike Vick is officially out of prison.

Although, he is on house arrest, expect a brilliant display of stupidity by the PETA fanatics to materialize. The NFL's former highest paid man has had a dramatic fall from grace, one that cannot begin to be described with words.

A transcendent athlete of his kind had never graced the bermuda grass of NFL stadiums. He was the first of his kind and he threw it all away in one fail swoop. Vick is now a bankrupt felon who is going to be working for a construction company during his house arrest.

Besides Iron Mike, we may never see another athlete who had no idea just how great a life he lived. Money, women, homes, vacations, cars and, yet, Vick still tumbled it all down the drain to watch two dogs FIGHT.

Good luck finding another spot in the NFL, Mike. We know the Oakland Raiders or Buffalo Bills of the world will take the risk that could come with the reward you provide. Let's hope you have learned your lesson and decide to, truly, straighten up...Nobody wants to see you turn into the next Pac-Man Jones.


It was a great try 'Melo...

Talk about a head to head battle last night. Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets almost stole game 1 and homecourt advantage from the Lakers last night. Too bad the Lakers have that one guy who is a pretty good closer, known as Kobe Bryant.

Kobe willed his team to victory in the last two minutes. With about 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter, I was convinced that the Nuggets may walk away with this game. Then Kobe decides he is going to score 18 points in the 4th quarter alone.

If this game is any indication of how the series will go, it should be an interesting one to keep an eye on.


Blake Griffin anyone?

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So who ended up with the chance to draft Blake Griffin? Essentially thats all this lottery is for. He is in a league of his own compared to the other players in this draft. There is still plenty talent behind him but not any that compares to his abilities. So who was lucky enough to get that chance to land him? Here is a quick run down of how the lottery played out tonight.

1.) Los Angeles Clippers
2.) Memphis Grizzlies
3.) Oklahoma City Thunder
4.) Sacramento Kings
5.) Washington Wizards
6.) Minnesota Timberwolves
7.) Golden State Warriors
8.) New York Knicks
9.) Toronto Raptors
10.) Milwaukee Bucks
11.) New Jersey Nets
12.) Charlotte Bobcats
13.) Indiana Pacers
14.) Phoenix Suns

Seriously, the Clippers? This team doesn't even bother to try to get better or keep their own talent. Sorry Blake, look at the brightside, you'll be a free agent in a few years.


The Sensational Six, Fab Five-esque?

The greatest recruiting class off all-time once graced the floor at the University of Michigan. Chris Webber and company are the greatest recruiting coup ever and they proved themselves worthy by landing in two national championship games(losing both).

Then there was the Thad Five at OSU who consisted of five players ranked 33rd or better! Thad led that team to the national championship game where they eventually lost.

Enter John Calipari and his 2009 Sensational Six. In 7 short weeks, Calipari has landed what is, arguably, one of the top three classes of all-time, on paper.

To preface, let's take a look at the rankings for the aforementioned Fab-Five and Thad-Five:

Fab Five

Average Ranking=16

Thad Five
Morgan-33*-Never attended.

Average Ranking=17.4

Outstanding classes on both teams and the two best of all time!

Now, onto John Calipari and Kentucky's new Sensational Six!

Rankings based on Rivals.com's top 150.

John Wall-1
DeMarcus Cousins-2
Daniel Orton-22
Eric Bledsoe-23
John Hood-40
Darnell Dodson-One of the top ranked juco's and Jerry Meyer(rivals recruiting analyst refers to him as top 40)

Average Ranking=17.6

The average ranking above is compiled without factoring Dodson into the equation. Dodson will be a solid playmaker on this squad.

As you can see, this recruiting class is nearly identical to the two aforementioned recruiting classes. Will they produce the same quality product on the court? That remains to be seen, but what Calipari has accomplished in a short 7 weeks is beyond remarkable.

Kentucky is back and they are here to stay as long as John Calipari is roaming the sidelines and being the salesman for this historic program. Nike has recently released the t-shirt with the slogan, "Envy Our Past, Fear Our Future." Well, the entire nation has taken notice and I expect to see a lot more cheerful versions of "My Old Kentucky Home" in Rupp Arena for the foreseeable future.

Welcome back, Kentucky. The big 5 were missing your presence.


Welcome to Kentucky, John Wall!

John Wall commits to Kentucky! MORE LATER!


Who is Harrison Barnes?

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

The newly named Rivals.com #2 recruit in the year of 2010, Harrison Barnes is one of the most coveted players in the country.

The Ames, Iowa prospect is as versatile as they come. Barnes possesses the ability to score on the wing and produce around the basket. Barnes is tremendous on the boards and excels on the defensive side of the ball with enough quickness to guard several positions.

Barnes is believed to be a Duke lean with Kansas and North Carolina hot on the trail. John Calipari has recently visited with Barnes and it appears he made a good impression, as well.

However, the majority feel that Barnes will become a Duke Blue Devil.


Vince McMahon vs. David Stern, who you got?

Houston, we have a problem! Seems as though a major scheduling conflict has occurred regarding the NBA playoffs and WWE's Monday Night Raw.

Vince McMahon's Raw program is now presented with a scheduling conflict involving the hometown Nugget's playoff game with the Los Angeles Lakers.

McMahon had this to say:

"Even though the Denver Nuggets had a strong team this year and were projected to make the playoffs, obviously Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke did not have enough faith in his own team to hold the May 25th date for a potential playoff game," WWE chairman Vince McMahon said in a statement."

McMahon is known to be a stubborn individual and it will be interesting to watch this conflict play out. According to the ESPN.com article, the Pepsi Center is currently selling tickets to both events!

I propose the idea of a ladder match between McMahon and David Stern for the key to the arena. It should provide for excellent TV and drama. A McMahon choke slam on the uptight David Stern may be better than the series itself.


What's better than an athlete singing?

12 youtube videos of the greatest singing performances of all time!

What's better than seeing Shaq and his "I'm Outstanding" video? How about Terry Bradshaw singing, "The Last Word in Lonesome is Me?"

ESPN Page 2 has put together their own version of American Idol...

It's a must see!


Uh, what did you say James?

Say what?

You want Obama to invite you when you don't win? I don't think that is how it works. You visit the president when you win a championship! You don't visit the president just for being a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This isn't the local trailer park or bar...it's the White House, James!

Most young, successful black men would be honored to meet and greet with our first African American president, but not you, James! I don't understand your logic, but I do realize why you aren't loading up on endorsements after a monster year for Pittsburgh. You apparently have no idea how to act in front of the camera.


Thank God...

No offense to Tony Kornheiser, but he was terrible as a Monday Night Football analyst. If you all are football fans then you know exactly what I am talking about. He would bring up ridiculous points that a lot of times were not even related to the game going on. This is a good move by ESPN to replace him with Jon "Child's Play" Gruden.

I have caught Chucky on the NFL network a few times over the past couple of months and suprisingly, he gave very insightful opinions. I personally loved the fact that he was given many oppurtunities to bash his former team the Oakland Raiders and never did. Too bad Warren Sapp couldn't follow his lead, you don't bite a hand that once fed you.

So now Tony you are allowed to get back to doing what you do best, arguing with Michael Wilbon on PTI about the same topics that four other guys just argued 30 minutes earlier on Around the Horn.


Why I hate Duke...and why you should too...

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is there a more despised team in the country than the Blue Devils of Duke? Arrogance, elitism, a student fan base who has less knowledge about basketball than my blind grandma with hammer toe are all reasons that bring forth the disdain towards the Blue Devil program.

I present to you, The PlayMakers ten reasons to hate Duke Basketball:


The epitome of the annoying Duke point guard. Bobby Hurley started the tradition, but Wojo took it to the next level. Undersized, outclassed talent wise, flopper and attitude galore...Wojo brings forth a hate that cannot be understated. If I were a current Duke player and he slapped the floor while scrimmaging...I'd probably be forced to kick him directly in the junk.

9)Dick Vitale

I used to respect you, Dick. I used to enjoy you calling a game...Until you decided to practically only call Duke games and become a bigger homer than Berman for the Buffalo Bills.

Your drool fest with Coach K is beyond sickening and the Duke tangents that you start on when calling another game is disrespectful, disgusting and nauseating. Retire, Dick....call it a day.


Seriously, that's not a walk? I could probably take the time to post 50 youtube videos, but I believe I will leave it at that.

7)Mike Patrick

If there is one person in the media that surpasses Dookie V. in his undying love for Duke, it is the ACC homer Mike Patrick. Patrick only calls ACC basketball games and the occasional lacrosse championship these days and his ridiculous man crush on J.J. Redick goes above and beyond being a fan. Actually, I believe Patrick waits on J.J. after his Magic games for a full body rubdown.

6)J.J. Redick

Ah, J.J.. Sure you can shoot the ball and I'm extremely surprised at your moderate success in the NBA. However, the moment your pot smoking incident was swept under the table, I began to dislike you. I don't like your bacne....I don't like your hand gestures and I surely can't stand your whining.

Outside of Tyler Hansbrough, you're the easiest person for me to dislike in the past decade.

5)You're Mascot

What exactly is a Blue Devil? Isn't the devil supposed to be red? I guess ghetto ass Durham is the only place you can find a BLUE devil.

4)Cameron Crazies

Hey, lets find a college to send all the unathletic, nerdy kids for school. We can then let them paint their bodies and make up asinine cheers for their beloved school. They'll have zero knowledge of the sport that they're cheering for, but they will really want to make you believe they are brilliant basketball minds.

Enter Cameron Indoor Stadium on an ACC Wednesday and you'll see several thousand of the above mentioned persona. Nauseating. On top of all that, I've never seen a single hot girl as a Cameron Crazy...

3)Squeaky Clean image

According to the media, Duke basketball is above cheating. They would never buy a house for Chris Duhon's mother or find places of employment for parents of big time recruits. Please. Coach K is just as dirty as the other coach 9 miles down the road.

2)Christian Laettner

You're not gay, right? HA!

I wish Timberlake would have ripped your head off when you stepped on his chest in 1992. I give you credit...you're one of the best college basketball players to ever play the game, but as a Kentucky fan...I will never, ever forgive you for 1992. I was tired of you're stupid new commercial after seeing two seconds of it and I'm so glad I don't have to see on the NBA hardwood anymore.

Slide into oblivion, Christian. Just stay away.

1)Mike Krzyzewski

Ol' Rat Face....Whether you're cursing at the officials or crying in Patrick Patterson's living room...you never cease to amaze. I do believe my favorite moment was the "alleged" fainting episode.

I don't really consider that fainting...It looked more like he was extremely tired and needed a nap.

The greatest moment in Coach K's career? His wonderful Jeff Capel lead team that he left hanging because he had hip/back issues. Sure, it wasn't because the team was going to be terrible and Coach K didn't want the losing record on his resume.