Best Receiver to Ever Play the Game?

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When thinking about the best wide receiver to ever grace a football field, we tend to think of Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Randy Moss, etc....

However, one former WR has laid claim to that title and it probably isn't who you expected.

Yes, that's Andre Rison. The same man who's house was burnt to a crisp by that crazy bitch, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. Apparently, Andre has decided to go chasing some waterfalls...the former coked out, mediocre receiver had this to say about his legacy...

“Best receiver to ever play the game. I can’t show my highlights because I don’t own NFL Films, but all my coaches in college, in high school, in junior college, they all told me I could be the best. But they must’ve lied because that title was already given to Jerry Rice. Just because you have stats doesn’t mean you’re the best. Can’t nobody tell me that Andre Reed isn’t better than Jerry Rice. I’m seeing cornerbacks on the 75th anniversary team that I used to demolish. But I’m coming out with my own hall of fame.”

Yes, you read that correctly. He can't show his highlights because he doesn't have access to NFL Films....not that youtube exists or anything.

Now, I do like the fact that Andre Rison is coming out with his own hall of fame to help represent other mediocre NFL players...

I mean don't we need a Hall of Fame with people like Rison, Desmand Howard, Mark Rypien and the Steve Beurelein's of the world?