Can You Hear Me Now ???

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As expected, the NCAA denyed former IU coach Kelvin Sampson's appeal on Tuesday morning and upheld the penalties against him. The posterboy for Verizon Wireless was penalized for making impermissible phone calls to recruits while coaching IU. The NCAA found Sampson ignored compliance agreements, ignored recruiting restrictions he was subject to while coaching Oklahoma and lied to infractions committee members. The ruling bascially barred him from coaching until 2013.

Sampson's appeal argued the infractions were to harsh, the NCAA wrongly interpreted evidence and of course, he had to throw in the NCAA was biased against him. Each claim was rejected by the NCAA, saying "it found no basis on which to conclude that the findings of violations were contrary to the evidence."

Naturally, Sampson stated he never withheld any information, but that is kind of hard to claim when you deliberately lie. Sampson is currently an assistant coach for the Milwaukee Bucks. If coaching in the NBA doesn't work out for Sampson, at least he will always have a job in telemarketing. I'm sure the time will come when he is calling your house at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday asking if you are the male of the household.