A Few Thoughts on the NBA Draft....

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

After watching one of the most boring and talentless NBA drafts in recent memory, I decided to put together a few thoughts on some of the happenings.

-Hasheem Thabeet as the second pick in the draft is one of the most laughable things in NBA history. People do realize that Thabeet has less moves than a wheelchair basketball player, right? Seriously, he's Dasagna Diop with two extra inches. This pick has bust written all over it, but what else would we expect from the Memphis freakin' Grizzles.

-James Harden is one articulate dude. I was very, very impressed with his interview skills and he was rockin' a solid bowtie. I think he's a bit overrated talent wise, but he is a much better pick than the aforementioned Thabeet.

-Ok, seriously, I hope Minnesota plans on trading one of those picks. They're not stupid enough to try and keep two lottery point guards on the roster. Are they? I thought that kind of stupidity would leave Minneapolis with Kevin McHale. Ricky Rubio is a flashy point guard, though. I'm interested to see what kind of player that pre-pubescent teenager becomes in 2023.

-Jordan Hill has some ghetto flare to him...I liked him showing a little anger toward the idiots in the WAMU Theater.

-Seriously, Tyler Hansbrough at 13? SERIOUSLY?

-Apparently, they play basketball in Guadeloupe? Rodrigue Beaubois is a name I have never heard in my life...

-How does San Antonio continue to catch the luck of the Irish in the draft? Seriously, how does the man who beasted Hasheem Thabeet all season long get drafted 35 spots lower than him? Do scouts not realize that Blair put a 20-20 spot on that 7 foot 3 inch "reh-tard?"

-Derrick Brown from Xavier is my sleeper in this draft. That kid has as much athleticism as anyone in this draft and will be a solid contributor in the NBA.

-I told you guys Jodie would stay in the draft with a mid-to-late second round guarantee...and that's exactly what he got...

-What happened to Chase Buddinger? Wasn't he supposed to be a lottery pick after his freshman year? From lottery to a few picks away from Mr. Irrelevant. Ouch. Maybe he should just join the Olympic Volleyball team.

-Once again San Antonio got lucky and landed super scorer Jack McClinton. McClinton has the ability to be Eddie House-esque and will be a solid pick up for the Spurs.

-What are people thinking by passing on St. Mary's point guard, Patty Mills. This kid lit up international competition in the Olympics and is another late round steal!

and, finally...

-Stu Scott retire immediately. You're played out....Seriously, you're becoming the black version of Chris Berman, You don't want to be in the same boat as him, so just flip your life to the cool side of the retirement pillow and just go away.


jhager2080 June 26, 2009 at 5:59 PM  

love your input, but psycho t + danny granger = CHAMPIONSHIP lol

mostinterestingmanintheworld June 26, 2009 at 6:10 PM  

Agreed 100% on Stu Scott.

Derrick June 26, 2009 at 6:18 PM  

I just don't know if there will be enough shots to go around for tyler and granger..i mean Tyler will be up Kevin Durant numbers lol

tighcompton June 26, 2009 at 8:22 PM  

Blair had a far less impressive career than Hansbrough and measured out much smaller than Hansbrough but he was expected to be a mid 1st round pick (most had him to the Bulls). So why is that Hansbrough going 13th (about as close to mid 1st round as you can get) is a reach??? Tyler had one of the best careers of all time while at UNC and impressed everyone that questioned his athletic abilities at the pre draft combine. Haters will be haters I guess.

Also about the Wolves. Its been said that Rubio will stay in Spain for 1 or possibly 2 more years to allow his contract to work itself out and to allow him to mature a little more physically. If this happens it helps explain the 2 PG picks. Wolves havent confirmed it but several Spanish sources have said it is very likely.

Jordan Hill is nothing but a more hyped Melvin Ely just like Bill Simmons said....

OKC's pick of Harden was a great pick. It gives them an off the ball guard that can light it up and gave them the best pure 2 guard in the draft. Acquiring BJ Mullens later in the draft gave them a much needed big man, if he is able to make big enough strides and get minutes.

Thabeet needs loads of work on his offensive game but I dont think he will be asked to score often in Memphis. Gasol will allow him to develop without being the primary offensive big man while Gay, Mayo, Conley and Co. produce the points.

Just my .02....

Derrick June 26, 2009 at 10:23 PM  

Hansbrough is not on the same level as DeJuan Blair. Blair is a manchild, period. Sure, Hansbrough had a great ncaa career, but so did Bobby Hurley. I realize that Hansbrough graded out better than expected, but i would be stunned if he turns out to be more than a roleplayer and nba scouts agree. If this draft had any talent at all..he'd be lucky to be 1st round.

Rubio was going to buy himself out of his contract until he was drafted by the Wolves..the reasoning for staying in europe is because he doesn't want to be in Minn. His mother hates cold weather.

Agreed, Jordan Hill is garbage.

I'm not taking anything away from James Harden. I think he is a great throw back player and will have success in the league, but I don't see him as being an All-Star either. However, he does have a lot of talent and was the best 2 guard in, again, a terrible draft.

Thabeet is terrible. He will never develop an offensive game. He's a 7'3" piece of garbage as far as I'm concerned. Sure, he may be able to provide some defense presence, but that is it. Literally, he has had four years to develop at least a semblance of a post move and it hasn't even come close to happening. He's a waste pick, because they knew Rubio wouldn't sign.