I was a little off...

>> Sunday, June 14, 2009

I really thought Orlando would extend this series one more game. I was wrong, which is rare, so take a moment and drink it in. Kobe showed me once again that I should never doubt The Black Mamba. Seriously, the fact people dislike him so much (e.g.,fellow blogger Derrick), makes me love the guy all that much more. I love winners, what can I say?

There is no denying that he had a fantastic series other than that one mishap in game three. It happens to the best of us though, no one is perfect all the time. It was still a nearly flawless series for him.

This does a lot for Kobe's legacy. By winning another title, he now shows that he doesn't need Shaq to win a ring and it also puts him in a tie with the most rings of players who are still active today (Shaq, Derek Fisher, Duncan).

So instead of always complaining about Kobe or hating on his supposed "scowl," try just appreciating what the man gives you every night he plays the game. No one can deny that The Black Mamba gives it his all every game that he is out on the court. You can tell he is always prepared and even does the little things it takes to win games that a lot of superstars don't always do. I am only saying this because I actually sat down and watched the Spike Lee joint "Kobe Doin Work."

So I'll be the first to say thank you Kobe for all that you do for the game of basketball. You and Lebron James have single handly made the NBA interesting again. I think you have earned this ring and I am happy you got it.

Go Lakers!


Derrick June 14, 2009 at 11:08 PM  

He is a great player...

I still hate that damn scowl...its stupid.