La'Roi Glover retires...

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

No, this post isn't about Brett Favre, it's about La'Roi Glover who may not exactly be a household name, but I thought his retirement was worth mentioning. Defensive Tackle isn't exactly the most glorious position to play in football, but it is defintely one of the most important and sometimes overlooked.

A great DT can make or break your defense. Take it from a fan of the Oakland Raiders (yes those Raiders), we haven't had a dominant DT in years and it has shown in our rushing defense which consitently ranks in the bottom third of the NFL the past 6 years. DT are the ones who create holes and take on double teams so the linebackers can do their job and make tackles.

La'Roi Glover was just a 5th round pick by my Oakland Raiders 13 years ago. He didn't stick there and ended up playing in New Orleans and then on to Dallas before finally ending his career in St. Louis. Glover was a 6 time pro bowler during his 13 year career. It sure would have been nice to have saw him in an Oakland jersey these past 13 years. Oh well, you can't win them all I suppose.