My Thoughts on the 2009 NBA Draft

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

After Derrick and Kris each gave their personal thoughts on the NBA draft, I guess it is my turn to chime in. Here are a few of my thoughts on last night's NBA draft in no particular order:

- Not only did the 2009 draft showcase some of the weakest talent in recent years, it was arguably one of the most boring.

- Speaking in terms of winners and losers, the biggest loser last night had to be Andy Katz for no other reason than its Andy Katz. I mean seriously could he have anymore grease in his hair. Jay Bilas was the biggest winner and looked disappointed he had to even respond to Jeff Van Gundy, Marc Jackson and Stu Scot. Who can blame him? Gotta love Jay!

- Was Hasheem Thabeet wearing a plastic suit? And following his interview, we all know he is blessed because he told us 4,000 times in 2 minutes.

- We can thank Stu Scot for pointing out to the world Memphis Grizzle's draft pick Demarrie Carroll has a liver disease. After that opening statement, Stu quickly reassured us he wouldn't need a transplant for several decades.

- How old is James Harden really?

- Austin Daye wore a sweater to show us he has bulked up. To my surprise, he still weighs 114 pounds.

- Tyler Hansbrough will be a bust in the NBA. He also might want to get his thyroid checked because his eyes look like there about to pop out of his head. What were the Pacers thinking?

- Ricky Rubio looks more like a Jonas brother than an NBA player. Rubio, cut your hair.

- The Minnesota Timberwolves had 47 first round picks and pick two point guards. Clearly they were prepared for the draft.

- Blake Griffin will be better in the NBA than his brother, Taylor.

- Gerald Henderson looks like his dad.

- Terrence Williams was going to a club after the draft based on the suit he was wearing.

- I think DeJuan Blair has had surgery on both knees. I'm just guessing. But he has never missed practice because of those knees.

- David Stern has not aged in 15 years.

- Will we actually see any player other than Blake Griffin in the NBA next year?

- That dude from Congo can jump.

- Johnny Flynn is hyper.

- I wish Brandon Jennings was still supporting the Kid-n-Play hairdo.

- Lastly, Jodie Meeks was a steal in the second round.

Just a few of my thoughts.


Anonymous June 27, 2009 at 9:14 AM  

Blake will be better than his brother taylor? Way to make a bold prediction Nostradamus.

Gary June 27, 2009 at 10:47 AM  

I was stating the obvious you dumbass

Derrick June 27, 2009 at 11:01 AM  

haha, gary must be cranky this morning.