Remember Maurice Clarett?

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

Remember him? The same guy who was rollin' dirty with several loaded guns and a couple of bottles of liquor?

Maurice Clarett, is attempting to apply for a "get out of jail" card and his reasoning? He believes he can make a return to the NFL. Clarett, who runs about a 5.85 40 yard dash, claims that NFL teams have been contacting him while behind bars. I find that hard to believe, unless Al Davis was drinking too much Patron last weekend. Clarett must fail to remember that he has NEVER played a single down in the NFL.

The former Ohio State Buckeye was an integral part of their 2002 national championship squad before he squandered his life down the drain. First, he attempted to apply for early entry to the NFL draft and was unsuccessful following a lawsuit against the NFL and their early entry rules. Clarett was eventually drafted by the Denver Broncos, but was cut before he even had a chance to put on the shoulder pads.

Clarett's attorney had this to say regarding the situation,

"Whether he is permitted to go in the summer of 2009 versus the summer of 2010 can make a huge difference," Squire said.

"We're talking a matter of months here, but it could have a huge impact on his ability to pursue a livelihood. Waiting another year could basically eliminate any opportunity for him to ever play."

My, how entertaining this train wreck would become...