Are You Stupid or Something, Steve?

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Apparently, Steve Spurrier is stupid or just holds a grudge from hell. Spurrier has decided to leave off Tim Tebow off his First Team All-SEC team, in honor of Jevan Snead.

Now, I will admit, Snead is a tremendous quarterback and has a chance to do great things at Ole Miss this year, but, c'mon lets get real, Tim Tebow has a chance to go down as the greatest quarterback to ever play college football! We're talking about a kid who should already own two heisman's, has two national titles and has the opportunity to add another to each of those totals this coming season.

Yet, Spurrier wants to leave him off the ballot? I think Steve must have been drinking too much sauce during his last golf outing at Augusta. And, don't give me this crap about it was his assistant coach that made the decision! There isn't an assistant coach in America who is that gosh damn retarded!

So, Steve, welcome to the group of teams that now has pissed off the most dangerous weapon in all of college football. Enjoy your 73-6 beat-down that is coming this season. Idiot.