A Bad Trend Developing...

>> Sunday, July 26, 2009

A scary trend is beginning to develop in the world of athletics. It seems like the mysterious man carrying a sling blade, wearing a black cape and referring to himself as death, has set up shop within the world of sports retirees. Vernon Forrest is the latest to feel the wrath of the caped man.

Forrest was killed in Atlanta following an attempted car-jacking. Vernon was, apparently, at a gas station in Atlanta when two thugs attempted to steal his Jaguar. Forrest then attempted to chase the suspects down, with his own gun in hand, and was shot 7 to 8 times with an automatic weapon.

Forrest had an attempted comeback fight planned, following a prolonged injury that caused his title to be vacated, and was expected to begin training August 1st.

R.I.P Vernon Forrest (1971-2009)