>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

While I sat here with a Post-Independence Day hangover, I was able to witness one of the greatest fifth sets in the history of professional tennis. Yesterday I was of the belief that Roger would dominate Andy Roddick from the outset of the match and cruise to his fifteenth grand slam victory, but I was wrong.

Andy Roddick provided more than a valiant effort and it was upsetting to see either man have to lose such an amazing match. Roddick was 100% class in the post-championship festivities, showing a grace and attitude that is well beyond his years. That maturity has been an integral part of his recent improvement on the the court.

However, Federer once again proved to be to tough of an opponent and he now rest atop the tennis record books as the most successful tennis player of all time. It will be interesting to see how many championships Federer will eventually retire with in his possession. It's not impossible for him to reach 20, especially with his nemesis Rafael Nadal on the sidelines.

Once again, just an amazing match that will be worthy of all the talk it receives today.