Kobe's new Rodman?

>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Los Angles Lakers have reportedly reached a verbal agreement with forward Ron Artest. The terms of the deal were believed to be around 3 years and 18 million or so. I love this signing for the Lakers for a couple of reasons.

Ron Artest is a defensive stopper. He will bring some toughness to this Laker team and not to mention he has the ability to put up some big scoring games. He will be able to help lighten the load off the Black Mamba.

Yesterday, I thought that the Pistons had made the biggest move in free agency by signing Villanueva and Ben Gordon, that has now changed. If the Lakers got Artest at this price, then they landed a steal. The Lakers can now let Ariza walk, they basically got an better version of him, not to mention Artest shot near 40% from the three point line last year.

This signing today should eliminate all the talk of Cleveland being the team to beat next year. It appears to me that The Black Mamba and the Lakers will be even tougher to beat next year. Now if they can only resign lamar Odom.