The PMB Wants Your Help...

>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As you all may know, we recently launched our sister website, The Avenue of Champions. The Avenue of Champions is a Kentucky Sports based blog and it is beginning to see moderate success. However, we would love the ability to add even more content to the blog and that's where I'm asking you for help.

If anyone is interested, preferably one of our Kentucky brethren, in becoming a member of the blogging team for Avenue of Champions, we would like to give you the opportunity. The requirements are simple and all we ask for is quality content and an ability to update whenever you see an opportunity. The attachment to The PMB is a major plus for our sister site and helps generate plenty of hits for the website and may help get your name out there as a blogger!

If you have any interest in joining our team, e-mail me at and we'll gladly discuss what you can bring to the team as a member of The PMB staff!