Say it Ain't So, Snyder!

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Being a Washington Redskins fan, you become used to the rumors that swirl when every big-time free agent graces the market. However, even I am in shock that the 'Skins are contemplating signing Mike Vick, and don't believe the bullshit about them not being interested at the moment. When something leaks about the Skins singing someone, it's usually the truth.

I'm all for Mike Vick coming back to the league, but the 'Skins and their fragile reputation as a big-spending franchise doesn't need the publicity that will come with this signing. They have a possible playoff contender in place and the last thing they need to do is bring in the outside distractions that will come with Mike Vick.

So, please Mike, sign somewhere else!


Hager July 30, 2009 at 11:44 AM  

as a fellow skins fan, lux, if they are planning on him playing qb for them, he will be no worse than jason campbell, colt brennan, or the fat ass stupid draft pick of chase daniel....i personally think he would do better than any of them....i think jason campbell is terrible and brennan and danial are just about the same type of qb, neither one is gonna make it...