Talk about upgrading...

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Detroit Pistons just made a huge splash in free agency this evening. They added one of the streakiest scorers in the NBA in Ben Gordon. He will help add some offensive firepower to this stale offense. The second signing might be bigger than the Gordon one though.

They also signed Charlie Villanueva. Derrick and I were talking earlier, this is like getting a younger version of Rasheed Wallace (minus the 50 technicals a year). He averaged around 16 and 7 last year. Add that to Ben Gordon's 20, 3 and 3, and you just added some serious talent to your team.

This almost makes up for Joe Dumars' brain fart of trading Chauncy Billups for Allen Iverson in the middle of last season. Watch out for the Pistons, they are baaaack. They still won't touch Lebron and the Big Aristotle though.