T.J. Boycotts Madden 2010

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

T..J. Houshmanzadeh is finished with Madden! Well ... at least until EA Sports shows his ego some respect. Houshmanzadeh, rated a freaking 91 on the game, is boycotting Madden until his abilities are respected by EA Sports. Wow!

T.J. stated:

"I understand I averaged 10 yards a catch, but it's the offense, not me. I'm not playing Madden no more until they get my rating right. ... I used to be the best in the world at Madden. I'm going to miss not playing it, but until they do me right, I'm not playing it any more."

He is rated a 91! I think that is generous by EA Sports to give T.J. such a high rating. He deserves more of a rating closer to 87 or 86. Then like any other person with a huge ego ... he blames the offense. Who in the hell does he think he is?

From reading his statement, it seems Houshmanzadeh has been boycotting other things as well ... like his grammar.

"I'm not playing Madden NO more ..."