White Sox Land an Ace...

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

The Chicago White Sox have been clamoring for the services of Jake Peavy since last season's trading deadline, and he finally decided to possess a mutual feeling. The White Sox couldn't be happier, because they now became the clear leader on paper in a tight AL Central.

The San Diego Padres had exhausted nearly all the time prior to the MLB's trading deadline when they finally struck the deal wtih the White Sox. The Pads will receive four minor league pitchers in return, in hopes of bolstering their farm system.

Peavy, the 2007 Cy Young Award Winner, is currently on the shelf with a tendon issue in his ankle, but is expected to make a rehab around August 10th, and hopes to be ready to go for the stretch run.


Sugui August 1, 2009 at 12:14 PM  


I'm a white sox fan. we're not the clear leaders of the division on paper this season. peavy helps, but he doesn't put runs on the board, which has been killing the white sox. detroit getting washburn was just a big a deal as this, and maybe even better for the time being. Peavy is hurt (ankle only, thank god) and won't pitch until late august at the very earliest. so anything he contributes to this season will be icing on the cake. however, for the next three years, look for the white sox to have a top 5 rotation with buerhle, peavy, danks, floyd, and randome joe.