I need September to hurry up...

>> Monday, August 10, 2009

Glen "Big Baby" Davis has resigned with the C's for at least two more years. He actually had a great showing in the playoffs this past year. He did hit the game winner in one game and gave a beautiful Kevin Garnettesque interview after the game proclaiming thats why he practiced, blah, blah, extra time in the gym shooting jumpers.

Even with all that, this isn't really important enough to blog about, but there is absolutely nothing else to report. I need Mike Vick to sign somewhere or do something illegal...anything to blog about other than Big Baby signing with the Celtics to be their 7th or 8th player off the bench.

I guess I could always dip into the steriod bag and report on whatever baseball superstar is getting called out on that random day. I think if they can somehow prove Pujols and Jeter...then all the main huge stars will be covered to have at least allegedely been accused. Point is, there just hasn't been anything to blog about here lately.