Naughty, Mr. Pitino....

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Growing up a Kentucky fan in the 90s, attending basketball camps on the Lexington campus and idolizing the players and the coach, Rick Pitino, was an honor that me and Gary both were able to experience, but that coach has tainted a life-long fans view to the point of no return.

We dealt with his jilting in favor of the downtrodden Celtics, and still yearned for him to represent our University sometime in the near future. We attempted to accept him as the coach of our most bitter rival, the Louisville Cardinals, and did so admirably, but his latest escapade has lost him any bit of respectability that Kentucky fans could muster for Sinister Rick.

Adultery? Check. Accused of Rape? Check. Forcing an abortion? Check.

Rick Pitino has officially tarnished a reputation that will now be beyond repair and allowed us all to truly see what kind of person this despicable man has become. Forcing himself up on an unattractive woman in a public restaurant after hours and pushing his power well beyond its speakable limits, is an act that only the worst of the worst will truly commit. (don't believe me on the unattractive part? see below)

So, there you have it UK fans, you have verification of what you have been screaming for the last 11 years. Rick Pitino is an enormous asshole, and his career is officially in the gutter. Enjoy your chance to ridicule the Louisville fan base for all the pot-shots at Coach Calipari and our basketball program. Hopefully they will take it better than we have over the last several months.


Anonymous August 13, 2009 at 8:19 AM  

that bitch is nassty