Oh, Billy Clyde...

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, Billy Clyde.....remember when the entire Kentucky fan base was at your mercy? Remember that wonderful press conference where you made all of us Kentucky basketball fans, including me, believe that you were the savior and the proper choice for our program?

My how things have changed so quickly for your bourbon guzzling, tail-chasing, obnoxious ass. I mean, literally, how stupid can you possibly be??? You do realize that the entire state of Kentucky hates your crazy ass, right? Yet, you chose to drive drunk at 2:45 in the morning 30 miles outside of Lexington? HAHAH! No, really, you didn't did you?

What's that? You told them you hadn't been drinking, but you and your buddy had been playing golf and that's why you swerved and sat at a red-light for 2 minutes? Golf??? C'mon, really, you didn't say that did you? Oh wait, you must have been taking a swim in the fountain at the golf course and gotten confused like you did at the Campbell House!

I mean, the man in the picture I posted above certainly looks way too smart to tell a police officer that he was golfing after midnight!

Ok, who am I kidding, that picture looks eerily similar to the same dumbass who was cruising on the wrong side of the road in Texas El-Paso, Ron White style. Except, it appears he's missing a tooth. Maybe that was an injury that he received from attempting to play "golf" at night, or maybe some good ol' boy from down in Eastern Kentucky decided it was time Billy Clyde met his pissed off momma, whom loves the Cats more than anybody in Pike County.

Honestly, the stupidity of this whole situation leads me to believe that BCG has a learning disability. We all have heard the stories of his drinking problems and how the UK umbrella saved his sorry ass several times, but to go get hammered ass drunk and drive while you're in town for SETTLEMENT negotiations has raised your idiocy to an all-time high!

UK thanks you Billy Clyde, UK fans thank you, and most of all, anyone that ever had any aspirations of giving your retarded ass another opportunity to coach their team thanks you!


Jerry Williams August 27, 2009 at 8:51 PM  

The report failed to mention that Rick Pitino was in the back seat of Billy Clyde's Benze banging a blond bimbo.

Derrick August 27, 2009 at 8:57 PM  

hahahahah, ain't that the truth Jerry.

Have you seen the picture over on KSR of BCG, Ricky P., and Eddie Sutton? pretty solid photoshop.