Phelps Uninjured, but Likes a Nightly Booze...

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

While all you other bastards are wasting your time playing Madden 2010, I've been busy scouring the internet for something newsworthy and, at the very least, enjoyable to talk about. However, to my chagrin, there is a better chance of me tappin' Meagan Fox tonight than finding something the least bit entertaining, unless you consider Michael Phelps and his car wreck entertainment.

Apparently, Phelps had himself a beer, decided to go for a joyride and was hit by another car, Of course, the police didn't administer any form of sobriety test because Phelps showed no signs of insobriety. I doubt that is how the story really played out, but you know, according to the judicial system, its now okay for athletes to booze it up and then wreck a car (see Donte Stallworth).

Phelps was cited with driving with an expired license and will still have to see his day in court, but, it appears, he has slipped through the cracks once again, just like his dance with mary jane earlier this year.