Smart Move, Broncos...

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

You think Josh McDaniels is regretting his decision now? You think his pompous ass still believes he is such a "bad-ass" coach that he can win without a franchise quarterback?

Cutler absolutely lit the Broncos up ass up last night, and I know it was a pre-season game, but both Cutler and the Broncos had something to prove! While Cutler was going 15-21 and close to 150 yards, Kyle Orton (yes, the man that McDaniels "wanted") was crying on the sidelines with a gash in his finger and a paltry 66.2 passer rating for the pre-season.

So, now the Bears have a franchise quarterback for the future and, well, McDaniels and the Broncos have Kyle Orton.

So, McDaniels, are you still happy with your decision?