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>> Monday, September 28, 2009

Well, I'm sure most of you enjoyed your college football weekend, while I was busy watching Tim Tebow make the Kentucky Wildcats look like they needed a Mike Gundy pre-game speech. Honestly, I'm starting to believe that Tebow circles the game against the Wildcats to begin his push towards the Heisman trophy. Last year it was a 63-5 shellacking in Gainesville and then the lovely 31 point first quarter this past weekend.

On a side note, UK was able to prove he was human by knocking Tebow the fuck out...

Normally, I wouldn't be cheering a hit that caused an injury, but since Tebow has been determined to have a full bill of health, I'll gladly say that it was nice to see Kentucky actually lay a lick that game...

Enough bullshit about a game that was out of reach before UK put on their cups...let's talk about the rest of the weekend.

--How terrible was Ole Miss on Thursday night? While I agree that USCjr. has a solid defense, Ole Miss looked like they were too busy trying to tap some sorority ass at a Wednesday night mixer. Jevan Snead and his ugly mug are now squarely out of the Heisman race.

--I admit I was wrong by believing that the Alabama Crimson Tide were a little over-rated coming into this season. Nick Saban is flat out getting the job done and the Tide are a real threat to a UF undefeated season when the SEC championship game rolls around.

--Another week comes and another Pac-10 "Power" gets embarrassed. Cal was slowly becoming a media darlin' and then they lay an egg that would make Charlie Weis proud! A 42-3 lambasting at the hands of Emilio Esteves lead Mighty Ducks of Oregon. Jahvid Best joins Jevan Snead in the wannabe Heisman line.

--Ah, the wonderful world of SWVA and the overhyping of Virginia Tech football is once again at an all-time high! They beat a grossly overrated Miami team and all of a sudden they're good enough to win the BCS championship (even though Bama ran roughshed over them and the score could have been much worse). Seriously, Tech fans, enjoy your Orange Bowl appearance against Cincy and quit thinking you can compete with the Florida's of the world. You aren't there, yet.

--Hello Boise, welcome to the party, once again. Boise State's #5 ranking is a very, very big deal because, with a favorable schedule, the boys who play on the blue turf are way ahead of the ranking curve for a BCS busting season. Boise State is most likely going to run the table and you will be seeing the Broncos and their trickery in the Fiesta Bowl.

--I want to personally thank the voters for embarrassing themselves by placing the Washington Huskies in the top 25 last week. They really proved their worth by getting derailed by the Stanford Cardinal. Seriously, quit voting teams in the top 25 because they beat USC. Its ridiculous.

Now time to go watch MNF...and listen to Ron Jaworswki break down all 147 snaps tonight. I'm looking forward to plenty of uses of the telestrator!


Another glorious weekend of football...

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well, I haven't posted in a week, so I figured what the hell? First, of course I want to speak about the college team that won the poll to choose my new favorite college team. I would like to thank everyone that voted. There appeared to be like 60+ votes, but in reality, I am sure that it was just a handful of my buddies getting on different computers to vote for their team and really who could blame them? I am like a number 1 draft pick. So, since I have one friend who is a WVU fan, he somehow managed to get 29 votes for Kris Witt to dawn the Blue and Gold of the Mountaineers.

Ironically enough, I went to this friend's house this past weekend to catch my first WVU game of the year in style. Well, after watching the game, this might be a match made in heaven. Jarrett Brown and the Mighty Mountaineers sort of remind me of the college's version of the Jamarcus Russell and the Oakland Raiders.

*Side note - Jamarcus Russell almost nearly makes me racist toward black quarterbacks. Thank god for the McNaab's of the world.

Anywho, while watching WVU turn the ball over 28 times over the course of a 60 minute game, I found myself not giving a shit. I tried and tried to force myself to care that Jarrett Brown was throwing interceptions like he was trying to cover the spread in The Last Boy Scout. I just kept waiting on him to pull out the gun and say "Ain't Life a Bitch?" and shoot one of Auburn's DB's.

So, my first experience as a WVU fan wasn't exactly a pleasant one, but as a Raider's fan I am use to being let down by my teams on the gridiron. We'll see how long this actually lasts. I never specified a length of time for how long I would be a fan of the college football team chosen for me, but I'll struggle to stick it out for a minute.

Now on to the NFL this week,

Well, my Oakland Raiders led by Russell (Who by the way has to be the first person to complete less than 30% of his passes for a whole game and somehow get the win) went from looking great and losing last week to looking terrible and winning this week. That just goes to show you how important turnovers are in games. Kansas City - 2, Oakland - 0. I only mention this because Oakland had like a 100 yards total offense compared to K.C.'s 450 or so. Oh well, we are .500, I'll take it.

Seriously, what is going on with Tom Brady? I didn't draft him in my fantasy league for him to put up Jason Campbell numbers. That might be a stretch, but you get the point. Come on Tom, football is better when you are better. You are the one guy everyone either hates or love.

Speaking of the 'Skins, that defense doesn't appear to be like it is a 100 million dollars better huh? Actually, the D isn't bad, it's Jim Zorn making some of the most ridiculous offensive calls I have ever seen. He makes Art Shell look like f*cking Vince Lombardi. I do appreciate Robert Henson (a back up linebacker for the Redskins) calling out all the fans in D.C. and calling them dimwits working at Mcdonald's from 9 to 5 via Twitter. Thats classic.

I'm always happy when the Steeler's lose for some reason. Ditto for the Cowboys as well. I don't even have a reason to hate either team, I just do.

My not so bold predicition of the week - Adrian Peterson, if healthy, could possibly reach 2,500 yards this year. The guy is a freak. As if you all didn't already know that.

Crazy that Cheddar Bob Burress got 2 years in prison for shooting himself in the leg while Daunte Stallworth got 30 days for riding dirty and killing a person. Doesn't quite seem fair, but what can you do?


Your Stereotypical Post Saturday Thoughts..

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

Woah, woah, woah....what's that noise? USC crashing to earth like Michael Moore's fat ass jumping off a diving board! Every year we get the same damn spill about this USC program. "This team has tons of NFL talent and should be a national title contender! They're the best of the best!" Yada, yada, FUCKING yada! Then, every year, we see the same exact thing! A Pete Carroll coached team choking against a subpar and mediocre Pac-10 program! Then the media goes into "bail out mode" and attempts to save this dirty ass program. How did they do that this week folks? Washington, yes WASHINGTON, has now made an appearance in the top 25! Pardon my french, but you have got to be fucking kidding me!

How about this ESPN....quit hyping the damned USC Pete Carrolls until after they play Idaho and avoid a narrow loss, because the rest of us are sick of hearing about it!

Enough of my rant, time for some more thoughts about the weekend!

---My Kentucky Wildcats tried to be slutty and let the dirty birds from the city of Louisville make them willingly grab their ankles in the third quarter yesterday. 3 turnovers in 4 offensive plays for an entire quarter isn't exactly the epitome of offensive efficiency, but a W is a W. Now onto the Tim Tebow's from Gainesville and the thought of being a 4 TD underdog. I just hope Tebow doesn't give one of his pre-game speeches before the game, because of their lackluster performance versus EwwTee.

---A little more SEC love....the SEC now boasts 4 teams in the top 7, including 3 of the 4 in the country, according to the AP poll. It's really becoming unfair for the rest of the country. I mean, Ole Miss is now sitting pretty as the #4 team in the country...OLE MISS. If they continue their rise up the ranks and teams like Auburn and Tennessee make their return to powerhouse statuses...they may as well just hand the Sears Trophy to the SEC Champion every season.

---Am I the only one not sold on Miami being worthy of the #9 ranking in the country? Sure, they've looked pretty good early in the season, and Mr. Harris has been a man at quarterback, but let's not anoint them as a classic "U" program just yet!

---Speaking of quarterbacks, Jake Locker may be the best player you've never seen play. If you get a chance this season, order up a weekend of the college gameday package and watch this kid roll. He's a Tim Tebow lite and does it without any talent around him!

---If you were up late, then you had a chance to watch the best game of the night! Georgia and Arkansas was an offensive shootout and Ryan Mallet and Joe Cox did their best Drew Brees imitation and put up some asinine numbers. Although, I still can't respect a man that looks like a sickly Jeff Garcia, Joe Cox looked like a respectable replacement for Matthew Stafford and his Bama Bangs last night.

---Good call on BYU, Herbie. Seriously, those stormin mormon's really looked like a BCS caliber squad against a mediocre FSU team. Seriously, they let Christian Ponder run through them like he was Charlie Ward in his prime. Pitfiul, pitful performance by the Cougs.

---I'd like to ask my main man, Andy Paul, what exactly Coach Stewart is attempting to do with the WVU program? 41 points to the Auburn Tigers? Don't tell me that Auburn is "that" improved this season. Sure, they're looking much better than Tommy Tuberville's attempt at the spread offense, but their quarterback still has an arm that only Kris would be proud of, and trust me, Kris' has an arm that only a 6 year old would yearn for. So, Andy Paul, what is going on up in Morgantown?

---Last, but not least, my weekly dig at my main man Charlie Weis. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Time to go enjoy some NFL Sunday Ticket and watch Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell continue to ruin a possible good season.


God, I love Saturdays...

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

I know a lot of people hate Tim Tebow, but if that emotion and passion doesn't make you want to run through a wall for him, I don't know what else to tell you...

What game are you watching today?

It's the battle of the bluegrass for me and my fellow Kentucky brethren....

Let's go BIG BLUE!


Shit Has Hit the Fan...

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seriously, did Gary just make two posts in one day? The man who has disappeared from the blog like Kanye's dumbass is going to have to disappear for the next six months...actually made two posts in one day!

I just had to comment and say welcome back to The PMB, Gary. We've missed you.


Turf Toe Tuesday ...

I realize it has been some time since I made a post concerning Turf Toe Tuesday, or any post for that matter. Since today is Tuesday, and I actually have a story concerning a big toe that hit home pretty close, I decided to post a Turf Toe Tuesday blog.

Well I awoke this morning with a sharp pain in my big toe preventing me from walking. As I struggled into work in excruciating pain, I quickly learned I would need to get to a doctor before I could receive any relief. Following the doctor's examination, I was quickly diagnosed with gout, which is similar to turf toe pain according to the doctor. I had to wonder if karma was biting me in the ass since I had poked fun at athletes with turf toe. Just any interesting thought for a Tuesday ....


Daily Humor ...

Courtesy of my good friend Josh ...

I love the white boy dance ...


Stevie Wouldn't Have Let That Happen...

>> Monday, September 14, 2009

Well, folks, that is why the Buffalo Bills are, well, the Buffalo Bills.

You're up 24-19 at the two-minute warning and then you're dumbass special teamer thinks he needs to bring it out of the end zone? Maybe if you had made The PMB's favorite receiver, Stevie Johnson, active tonight...he would have offered some of his superior football intellect to your coaches and informed them that they MUST kneel the ball if it reaches the endzone.

Better yet, if Stevie was active the Bills would have scored at least two more touchdowns and we would have had the pleasure of seeing the Fly-Guy dominate Brady's bitches.

Smart move, Dick Jauron.


Solid Start to the season...

So the NFL kicked off this weekend and I couldn't be any happier. Sunday's rundown of games did not dissappoint. There were some crazy individual stats going on yesterday. Who would have predicted Joe Flacco would throw for over 300 yards? I mean really he came from Deleware people...Delaware. The state matters so much that I'm not even going to look up how to spell it correctly, but instead just spell it two different ways and hope I nailed it in one of them. Thats just scratching the surface on the craziness that is opening weekend in the NFL.

As a life long Oakland Raider fan, I will admit that there are times that I think the NFL is out to get the Raiders (Call it the Al Davis in me if you will), but I think there might be one team that just has the worst luck of any organization in professional sports. You already have to know who I am referring too, the poor Cincinatti Bengals. Seriously, who the hell gets beat on a 87 yard touchdown with 11 seconds left in the game on a tipped pass? Only the Bengals. What makes this worse? It was a white reciever. A white reciever torched the Bengals D for 87 yards on one play? I can't help but giggle a little.

Next up, when did Drew Brees decide he was going to be All World? 6 touchdowns? Luckily for me, the guy I'm playing in fantasy football this week just so happens to have Mr. Brees and his ridiculous 49 fantasy points. Unluckily for him, I just so happen to have Mr. All Day Adrian Peterson on my squad who off set Brees ridiculous performance with 180 yards and 3 tds himself

Other notes-

The Panthers better do something at qb spot, Jake just isn't getting it done, I don't care how much money they threw at him this summer. The guy has like 15 turnovers in his last 8 quarters played (That may not be accurate at all, but it's got to be damn close).

Arizona will hit the wall that every team hits after losing a superbowl. Come on, you lost to the Nazi driven San Fransico 49er's led by Shaun Hill...yes that same Shaun Hill that you have never heard of..

Brady Quinn sucks

As do the rest of the Browns...I hope they play the Lions this year..that could be like watching a single A highschool football game (minus Calvin Johnson of course, bless his soul...he doesn't deserve to live in football purgatory).

I fully expect Tom Brady to go All Madden again and put up 80 touchdowns and 4,000,000 million yards again this year. The kicker is, he'll be doing this why banging 3 super models, and feeding a third world country.

Almost forgot, big shout out to Andy Austin calling Steve Slaton a pro bowl back this year. He came out strong with a respectable 17 yards rushing yesterday.

Predictions for tonight?
Pats win but it's closer than what you might think. Never bet against Tom Brady though.

The Raiders take an AFC West division lead tonight, upsetting the Chargers. Another prediction, Phillip Rivers gets into a screaming match with 3 fans and a Raiderette before the third quarter is over.


The Usual Sunday College Football Thoughts...

>> Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well, what appeared on paper to be a rather tame weekend of college football escalated and turned out to be a rather enjoyable Saturday (and Friday if you were one of the lucky few to watch Colorado's ineptitude against a terrible Toledo squad. Seriously, how can you be that bad!). So, once again, here are this playmaker's observations from the weekend.

Well, Tennessee, it's good to see that "you're back!" After your shellacking of WKU, the VOL nation was running amuck among message boards across the country claiming their dominance. Well, congrats on losing to one of the worst teams the Pac-10 has to offer this season. I think Fat Phil could have put forth a better effort than Lane today.

Glad to see Charlie Weiss attempted to pull some plays out of his front butt and blew a possible W against Michigan. Poor Charlie! I think its time he accepts his true calling as a manager of Pal's Drive Thru and lets someone else attempt the Notre Dame reclamation project. On a side note, its a shame that Uncle Lou's national championship pick falls to the wayside after week 2!

Tim Tebow is pretty good. Ok, he's really, really good.

Mike Gundy...whom is famous for this video..

..apparently lacked that same fire in his pre-game speech for OSU-Houston on Saturday. The defense got gashed worse than Pam Anderson's va-jay-jay following the VMAs, and once again proved that the Big 12 will struggle to win a national championship until they instill some form of defensive will within their conference.

The Ol' Ball Coach is still struggling to garner that marquee win down in Columbia. One has to wonder how much longer Spurrier will deal with this losing before he decides its time to wear a visor that says Titlelist 24-7, instead of one that represents the Cocks.

Who wouldn't want to play for Pete Carroll? Not only does he provide you with rent money, but he may be the most in-touch 50+ year old coach in the business. With that, I say congrats to Mr. Carroll and the Trojans for putting an early L in the column for the slow, white-boys from Columbus. Hopefully, we don't have to hear their name mentioned with the BCS championship anymore this season.

Is there an uglier uniform in football than this atrocity?

Good god....shit brown and baby poop yellow are not a good combination.

One last thing....is there a team who wastes more talent than the Clemson Tigers? Seriously, they're stacked with 4 and 5 star recruits throughout their roster, but it never seems to translate to the field. I feel for my buddy Wesley and his undying passion for a program that is on par with the Oakland Raiders at developing talent.

Time to go watch Matt Forte rack up some fantasy points for me...be back tomorrow with some NFL thoughts and the terribleness that is my Washington Redskins.


Worst Performance Ever?

>> Thursday, September 10, 2009

Okay, so the most successful professional sport can do no better than that garbage I just saw?

Did they not put Fergie and her man face through some sort of "practice," that would have allowed them to determine that the BEP are, to put it bluntly, FUCKING TERRIBLE!

Now I'm being put through the torture of Tim McGraw and his 67 year old, coke-snorting, cigarette smoking ass attempt to sing like its 1992 and somebody took his girl from him.

Disappointing, to say the least. Man up NFL.



>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sometimes you got to post a nasty dunk that you have never seen before...this one was a first...occured at London's Midnight Madness last night by a guy that goes by Guy Dupuy


Daily Humor....

>> Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get 'em, Bernie.



Don't Forget...

Hey guys....don't forget to support your Collegiate and NFL allegiance and represent The PMB at the same time! We have tons of shirts to choose from on The PMB's store! We'll customize to your liking, as well!

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend...

*One other thing...we're going to be taking a different format with the blog from here on out. No more boring link clicks and recapping bullshit stories that bore the hell out of the readers, as well as the bloggers.

Expect more of our sarcastic and bull-shit filled opinions on whatever the hell we feel like talking about....so no more deadspinesque crap...

Feel free to join in on the conversation in the comments section...we enjoy it.



Chubby of the Day...



Weekend Highlights ...

>> Monday, September 7, 2009

College football is finally back in session and what a great weekend to kickoff the 2009-2010 season. Kickoff weekend gave us a preview of what is expected during this years college football season by showcasing upsets, punches to the face and utter dominance by various teams. A few of my thoughts on the weekend:

- I am already tired of listening and watching Lou Holtz spit all over everybody.

- The SEC is clearly the most dominate college football conference in the NCAA.

- Ohio State is overrated.

- Tyrod Taylor is terrible. He finished 9/20 for 91 yards. That just doesn't cut it if Va. Tech plans to win many ball games. Tech's defense wasn't much better after giving up 500 total yards compared to their 155. The game shouldn't have been as close as the score.

- The good news for the Sooners is Bradford does not have to undergo surgery and is expected back between 2 to 4 weeks.

- Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators are going to be tough for any one team to handle.

- UT looked like UT of old and might be a big time force to shake up the SEC, along with Mississippi.

- Miami and FSU is actually a rather exciting game.

We will have more early in the week ...


Some Thoughts From the Weekend...

While Kris sits back and complains about the complexity of determining a college football team with whom to bandwagon, those of us with an affiliation and an affection for college football we're blessed with an excellent opening weekend (On a side note, please vote for remaining a Duke fan for Kris. I never understood the concept of having "two favorite teams." Typically, those teams end up being the best of the best during your childhood that you chose bandwagon. Therefore, for Kris to be a loyal fan, he should have to support the Dukies.)

Some thoughts from the weekend...

I'll start off with the maturation process of Kentucky's starting quarterback, Mike Hartline. Hartline was a lightning rod for criticism, and deservedly so. However, and yes I know it was just Miami of Ohio, we saw a completely different product on the field with Hartline on Saturady in the 42-0 shutout. If Hartline continues his aggressive maturation, UK has a chance to run through murderer's row (Florida, Bama, @South Carolina, @Auburn) with a 2-2 run.

Seriously, let's get this out of the way. How damn terrible is the ACC? UVA drops a barn burner to the powerful Tribe of William and Mary and Kris' Dukies take a beat down from Richmond. C'mon, W&M and Richmond? Al Groh better get that resume updated. Also, I predicted Virginia Tech to have an excellent season and following their loss to 'Bama, I still think they are the favorite in the ACC, even if they had no business being in that ball game.

Did anyone else have the pleasure of seeing the exclusive look at Tim Tebow's halftime speech from the National Championship game? I know a lot of people hate on Tim Tebow, and that includes myself, but I would run through a damn brick wall or let him talk me into going hoggin' at the local watering hole with his motivational prowess.

What a bad break for Boomer Sooner and company this weekend. First, you lose your star qb for a month or longer and then you lose to the stormin' mormon's from Provo to derail your national championship dreams. While there is still a possibility of a turnaround, Norman, Oklahoma has to be in heartbreak this weekend.

Is Jimmy Clausen finally going to become the real deal at quarterback? Sure seemed that way against an overmatched Nevada squad. Although, Charlie Weiss and his FUPA could have thrown for about 225 yards and 2 TD's against that paltry defense.

Bobby Bowden continues his quest to see who will be the first to die on the football field, him or Joe Pa. Bowden is at least 247 years old and that Florida sun has done a number on his complexion, but he appears to have a solid team this season. While, Randy Shannon and Miami continue their ascent back from mediocrity. Who you got tonight?

We'll have more later tonight and plenty this week. God, its great to have football back.


A Sobering Experience...

>> Sunday, September 6, 2009

Living in Southwest VA, it is almost an understood notion to be a Virginia Tech football fan. Well this guy is not. I actually cringe a little anytime I see the fall colors of orange and brown on a football jersey. Is it because I personally hate Frank Beamer's neck and the Hokies that bad or is it because those are just hideous colors for a college team? I think maybe it's a little of both.

While attending a cookout last night at Dirty Birds (Brrrrrrrrrr, there is your shout out for being a consistent reader Rico), I realized during the game that I had no passion cheering or booing either team in the contest. I honestly couldn't give a shit whether Alabama or Tech won the football game. I was actually more interested in firing up Guitar Hero 5 whenever the game went off. Which is sad since I am not even that big of a fan of Guitar Hero, but the actual football game was boring me, even though it was obviously an exciting game to everyone else in the room.

I've decided the real problem here is I have no passion about college football because I do not have any team to cheer for. I've been a diehard Duke basketball fan for circa 15 years now, but lets be real, their football program has been without for awhile now. I tip my cap to the Bluedevils yesterday for putting up an awesome effort against Richmond yesterday and playing them within 10 points at least.

So what does all of this pointless ranting mean? It means I am letting the 6 loyal readers (which includes the other 2 bloggers) of The PMB choose my college football team. I have tried to pick out another college to be loyal too, not named Duke and I have failed miserably. So I figure by letting the readers choose my team, then I will stick with it. I mean I am here to make the readers happy, well thats when I actually decide to sign in and post.

So with that being said, vote on the poll for which college football team you think I should pull for and I will give the team that wins my undying allegiance. Even if the only 3 votes come from fellow Bloggers Derrick and Gary, and possibly Varney or Jerry.

So be on the lookout for the poll that will be located on the right side of this post and cast your vote. There has to be at least 10 votes before I'll take this commitment serious.


LeGarrette Blount Will Knock Your Ass Out...

>> Friday, September 4, 2009

What can I say, don't talk shit to him after the game or he'll go Brock Lesnar on your ass and knock you the fuck out!

Seriously, I had no idea I was going to get to see a guy go Floyd Mayweather on a bitch at the end of the game!


Poor Lou...

>> Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is that right, Lou? Notre Dame to play in the national championship game? HOW IN THE HELL CAN ESPN PAY YOU TO DO THIS JOB?

Why can't you be like Jay Bilas and leave your biased opinions for when you're rocking your old school Notre Dame hoodie? Honestly, your lisp is a poor man's version of my friend Josh's, anyway...and I no longer find yours to be entertaining or comical.

Get off my TV screen, immediately.


Did I Mention I Love College Football...

As I sit here in my recliner, rockin my boxers and nothing else and watching the South Carolina and N.C. State game, it just hit me, "Damn, I'm glad football is finally back!" It has been the most boring sports summer that I can remember in my 20+ years of following sports.

Baseball bores me worse than a fat piece of vagina trying to hit on me while eating a Wendy's triple classic, Tiger Woods putting has been as clutch as Gary on a Saturday night bourbon drinking fest, and who the hell gives a damn that MIchael Phelps smoked some ganja with some college kids. I'd rather watch Steve Spurrier throw his visor 17 times in one game, while his team is struggling in a 7-3 ball game any day of the week!

I hope all of you football fanatics are as stoked as I am that college football is back in the spotlight....enjoy Boise State and Oregon putting up some ridiculous numbers and drink plenty of bourbon throughout the weekend, because it's cause for a celebration, folks. The days of watching Bear Grylls kill an alligator and eat a snake instead of watching some prime-time athletes knock the shit out of each other is finally out the window!


PacMan to Make it Rain in the CFL....

>> Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Apparently, the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers are desperate for some publicity. That is the only explanation for a franchise that is willing to pay Pac Man Jones any semblance of a paycheck, and they have agreed to do so by outbidding several of the upcoming UFL franchises.

Pac Man's NFL career has pretty much been flushed down the drain, along with any integrity he had following his strip club antics and many expected his dumbass to never grace the green again, but I guess everyone gets 78 chances.

So, if you want to check out Pac Man Jones make it rain over Winnipeg, I suggest purchasing one of those illegal Canadian satellites and enjoy some football on a 110 yard field.


I've changed my mind..

So I have recently hated on Brett Favre for coming back to the NFL again and stealing all the spotlight away from anything else going on in the NFL. I know that fellow blogger, Derrick, has a deep hatred for number 4 himself. Then something happened last night, that made me totally sell out (which I've been known to do) for the Brett Favre comeback tour.

I think if anyone watched the game last night, then they know the play that I am referring too. How could any football fan not sell out when they saw Brett lay a low chop block on a linebacker when his running back cut back towards him? I know it was a debatable dirty hit, but who cares? It's a 40 year old man out there laying his body on the line during a preseason game. Not the playoffs, a f'n preseason game.

This man may love the spotlight (and he does), but he loves the game of football as well. So now I say, keep playing Brett, you only have one life to live on this Earth and if this is what you enjoy doing, then do it. You are obviously still better than 80% of the qaurterbacks starting in the league today.

And who knows? Oh Brett and the Viking's defense may lead them right into a superbowl come February.