Did I Mention I Love College Football...

>> Thursday, September 3, 2009

As I sit here in my recliner, rockin my boxers and nothing else and watching the South Carolina and N.C. State game, it just hit me, "Damn, I'm glad football is finally back!" It has been the most boring sports summer that I can remember in my 20+ years of following sports.

Baseball bores me worse than a fat piece of vagina trying to hit on me while eating a Wendy's triple classic, Tiger Woods putting has been as clutch as Gary on a Saturday night bourbon drinking fest, and who the hell gives a damn that MIchael Phelps smoked some ganja with some college kids. I'd rather watch Steve Spurrier throw his visor 17 times in one game, while his team is struggling in a 7-3 ball game any day of the week!

I hope all of you football fanatics are as stoked as I am that college football is back in the spotlight....enjoy Boise State and Oregon putting up some ridiculous numbers and drink plenty of bourbon throughout the weekend, because it's cause for a celebration, folks. The days of watching Bear Grylls kill an alligator and eat a snake instead of watching some prime-time athletes knock the shit out of each other is finally out the window!