I've changed my mind..

>> Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So I have recently hated on Brett Favre for coming back to the NFL again and stealing all the spotlight away from anything else going on in the NFL. I know that fellow blogger, Derrick, has a deep hatred for number 4 himself. Then something happened last night, that made me totally sell out (which I've been known to do) for the Brett Favre comeback tour.

I think if anyone watched the game last night, then they know the play that I am referring too. How could any football fan not sell out when they saw Brett lay a low chop block on a linebacker when his running back cut back towards him? I know it was a debatable dirty hit, but who cares? It's a 40 year old man out there laying his body on the line during a preseason game. Not the playoffs, a f'n preseason game.

This man may love the spotlight (and he does), but he loves the game of football as well. So now I say, keep playing Brett, you only have one life to live on this Earth and if this is what you enjoy doing, then do it. You are obviously still better than 80% of the qaurterbacks starting in the league today.

And who knows? Oh Brett and the Viking's defense may lead them right into a superbowl come February.