Solid Start to the season...

>> Monday, September 14, 2009

So the NFL kicked off this weekend and I couldn't be any happier. Sunday's rundown of games did not dissappoint. There were some crazy individual stats going on yesterday. Who would have predicted Joe Flacco would throw for over 300 yards? I mean really he came from Deleware people...Delaware. The state matters so much that I'm not even going to look up how to spell it correctly, but instead just spell it two different ways and hope I nailed it in one of them. Thats just scratching the surface on the craziness that is opening weekend in the NFL.

As a life long Oakland Raider fan, I will admit that there are times that I think the NFL is out to get the Raiders (Call it the Al Davis in me if you will), but I think there might be one team that just has the worst luck of any organization in professional sports. You already have to know who I am referring too, the poor Cincinatti Bengals. Seriously, who the hell gets beat on a 87 yard touchdown with 11 seconds left in the game on a tipped pass? Only the Bengals. What makes this worse? It was a white reciever. A white reciever torched the Bengals D for 87 yards on one play? I can't help but giggle a little.

Next up, when did Drew Brees decide he was going to be All World? 6 touchdowns? Luckily for me, the guy I'm playing in fantasy football this week just so happens to have Mr. Brees and his ridiculous 49 fantasy points. Unluckily for him, I just so happen to have Mr. All Day Adrian Peterson on my squad who off set Brees ridiculous performance with 180 yards and 3 tds himself

Other notes-

The Panthers better do something at qb spot, Jake just isn't getting it done, I don't care how much money they threw at him this summer. The guy has like 15 turnovers in his last 8 quarters played (That may not be accurate at all, but it's got to be damn close).

Arizona will hit the wall that every team hits after losing a superbowl. Come on, you lost to the Nazi driven San Fransico 49er's led by Shaun Hill...yes that same Shaun Hill that you have never heard of..

Brady Quinn sucks

As do the rest of the Browns...I hope they play the Lions this year..that could be like watching a single A highschool football game (minus Calvin Johnson of course, bless his soul...he doesn't deserve to live in football purgatory).

I fully expect Tom Brady to go All Madden again and put up 80 touchdowns and 4,000,000 million yards again this year. The kicker is, he'll be doing this why banging 3 super models, and feeding a third world country.

Almost forgot, big shout out to Andy Austin calling Steve Slaton a pro bowl back this year. He came out strong with a respectable 17 yards rushing yesterday.

Predictions for tonight?
Pats win but it's closer than what you might think. Never bet against Tom Brady though.

The Raiders take an AFC West division lead tonight, upsetting the Chargers. Another prediction, Phillip Rivers gets into a screaming match with 3 fans and a Raiderette before the third quarter is over.