Some Thoughts From the Weekend...

>> Monday, September 7, 2009

While Kris sits back and complains about the complexity of determining a college football team with whom to bandwagon, those of us with an affiliation and an affection for college football we're blessed with an excellent opening weekend (On a side note, please vote for remaining a Duke fan for Kris. I never understood the concept of having "two favorite teams." Typically, those teams end up being the best of the best during your childhood that you chose bandwagon. Therefore, for Kris to be a loyal fan, he should have to support the Dukies.)

Some thoughts from the weekend...

I'll start off with the maturation process of Kentucky's starting quarterback, Mike Hartline. Hartline was a lightning rod for criticism, and deservedly so. However, and yes I know it was just Miami of Ohio, we saw a completely different product on the field with Hartline on Saturady in the 42-0 shutout. If Hartline continues his aggressive maturation, UK has a chance to run through murderer's row (Florida, Bama, @South Carolina, @Auburn) with a 2-2 run.

Seriously, let's get this out of the way. How damn terrible is the ACC? UVA drops a barn burner to the powerful Tribe of William and Mary and Kris' Dukies take a beat down from Richmond. C'mon, W&M and Richmond? Al Groh better get that resume updated. Also, I predicted Virginia Tech to have an excellent season and following their loss to 'Bama, I still think they are the favorite in the ACC, even if they had no business being in that ball game.

Did anyone else have the pleasure of seeing the exclusive look at Tim Tebow's halftime speech from the National Championship game? I know a lot of people hate on Tim Tebow, and that includes myself, but I would run through a damn brick wall or let him talk me into going hoggin' at the local watering hole with his motivational prowess.

What a bad break for Boomer Sooner and company this weekend. First, you lose your star qb for a month or longer and then you lose to the stormin' mormon's from Provo to derail your national championship dreams. While there is still a possibility of a turnaround, Norman, Oklahoma has to be in heartbreak this weekend.

Is Jimmy Clausen finally going to become the real deal at quarterback? Sure seemed that way against an overmatched Nevada squad. Although, Charlie Weiss and his FUPA could have thrown for about 225 yards and 2 TD's against that paltry defense.

Bobby Bowden continues his quest to see who will be the first to die on the football field, him or Joe Pa. Bowden is at least 247 years old and that Florida sun has done a number on his complexion, but he appears to have a solid team this season. While, Randy Shannon and Miami continue their ascent back from mediocrity. Who you got tonight?

We'll have more later tonight and plenty this week. God, its great to have football back.


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