Even A Dead Man Can't Rest...

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We've all experienced the torment of a crazy woman in our life and now Steve McNair, even though his body is six feet deep is currently feeling the wrath of scorned women all over Nashville.

Sure, Stevie was a playa and I'm not condoning his adulterine ways, but is it possible for a woman to keep her damn mouth shut, considering he's dead? Was the cash flow that he put in their broke pockets not enough to suffice...that they now have to defame the deceased athlete even more following his death for a little more change?

Can we not remember Air McNair for what he did on the field?

The leadership qualities he possessed and the talent that blessed his right arm?

I think I'm going to step down off my soapbox now, but to see this bullshit still hitting the news is beyond ridiculous in my mind. How about some skank hoes shut their mouth for five minutes and let the man RIP.