Happy Turkey Day...

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just wanted to let you all know, that I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend of sports, but I'll be out of town until Sunday, so no updates until then.

See you all on Sunday!



The PMB's FBS Top 25

>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

The ridiculousness that has been the 2009 FBS CFB season is nearing a conclusion and there are still an impressive 6 teams sitting with undefeated records.

Here is this weeks PMB Top 25...

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Texas Christian
5. Boise State
6. Cincinnati
7. Oregon
8. Pittsburgh
9. Georgia Tech
10. Ole Miss
11. Ohio State
12. LSU
13. Oklahoma State
14. Penn State
15. Iowa
16. Clemson
17. Oregon State
18. Virginia Tech
19. Utah
20. Miami
21. North Carolina
22. Northwestern
23. Nebraska
24. Central Michigan
25. USC


Les Miles is a Terrible Liar...

The big story of yesterday involved the ineptitude and ridiculous decision making enforced by the LSU football staff.

The question? Who in their right mind told Jefferson to spike the ball with one second on the clock?

Les Miles has vehemently denied telling Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball, but sportsbybrooks.com has brought the evidence!

The video evidence has also made its way to youtube!

Now, the question remains, does Les Miles admit his mistake? Or does he continue to lay the blame upon his player and throw him under the proverbial bus even with the evidence hitting the internet at 200 miles an hour?

I expect Les to make the wrong decision and mess this up, just like he does on a regular basis.

Courtesy of Sports By Brooks


Chubby of the Day...



What a Day of College Football!

The majority of us were expecting a terribly boring Saturday of college football yesterday....

What we ended up with, was one of the better weekends of the season! Sure, I may be partial because my Kentucky Wildcats knocked of the Uga-less Bulldogs in Athens for the first time since 1977, but there was plenty of other good football played....It's time for your Post-Saturday notebook!

--Sure, we give Charlie Weis' fat ass a hard time here at The PMB, and it is usually deserved, but yesterday is a day that no coach wants to experience. Charlie has the support of his players, but ultimately you have to win football games in South Bend to remain the coach. Weis failed to do so, and now the coaching search will begin in South Bend. Who is the front runner? Do they aim high and try to reach out to Urban Meyer or Bobby Stoops? In the end, if they strike out with their high-priority targets, does Brian Kelly get the call he's been wating for from a big name university?

--What can you say about PawPaw Brooks and the job he has done at the University of Kentucky. Sure, he's watered down the schedule and his coordinators can drive the Big Blue faithful insane with their conservative style, at times. However, Brooks now has the Wildcats sitting pretty at 7-4 and a chance to finish second in the SEC East with a victory over the hated Volunteers from Knoxville. The Wildcats have stopped two streaks (@Aub and @UGA) this season and a New Years Day bowl is within their grasp. Time to step up to the plate and end the streak to the Vols.

--Les Miles....is there another coach in America who manages to out-stupid Billy Clyde Gillispie on a weekly basis? This man makes nearly 4 million dollars to coach some of the most talented players in America and, well, he still manages to screw it up on the weekly! FARRRRRRR Les Miles!

--Did anyone else hear Lou Holtz say bitch on the Scoreboard Show last night? Lou is always the epitome of entertainment, and last night his Notre Dame rant was youtube worthy!

--Big Ten football. Need I say more?

--Clemson vs. Georgia Tech for the ACC Championship? You think thats what the ACC commish had in mind when he raided the Big East conference?

--Is it just me or has the Pac-10 been much more exciting without having to see Pete Carroll's big nose all over the television? The Oregon-Arizona game was something to behold last night, and I hope you stayed up to watch it!

--Plain and simple, TCU is a legit football team and should be in the thick of the discussion for the BCS championship. They would give all the top 3 teams a run for their money and more!

--Ryan Mallet is a future NFL stud, folks. Watch this kid play and you'll agree. He has ALL the tools to be a future NFL superstar.

Time to watch my Redskins go 3 and out on a consistent basis and get destroyed by the Cowboys. Happy Sunday, everyone.


R.I.P Charlie! We'll Miss You and You're FUPA.

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh, Charlie. It was fun.

You provided us with fat humor that only Mark Mangino and his ridiculous temper can rival.

Sure, you were an absolute disaster as the coach at Notre Dame, but that doesn't mean we won't miss you! Actually, it means we'll miss you much more! When Notre Dame is terrible, all is better in the world of the BCS and college football, and, with you at the helm, we didn't have to worry about them crashing the party.

I'm going to miss you, Charlie. I'm going to miss your extreme fatness. I'm going to miss your terrible sense of humor and I'm going to miss watching your husky ass squirm when posed an uncomfortable question regarding your future.

I'm assuming that South Bend restaurants are going to miss you, as well, Charlie. You have the look of a nervous eater, Charlie, and lord knows you've been nervous over the last several seasons. I hope Sorin's and Polito's can stay in business with your exit.

So, everybody raise your twinkie and/or oatmeal pie and let's have a toast to Charlie Weis.

Your fatness may never be seen again!


OT: Travis Barker Mixes Up

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

We tend to go off topic on occasion, but this video warrants a posting! Forever is the hottest song out right now and Travis Barker has remixed it and its diiiiiirty....check it.


Tweetin' Like a Champ...

Guys, I just wanted to let you know that we are really utilizing our Twitter Account these days and we want you to follow us!

We're tweetin' enough that it would even make Mark Mangino proud!

So, get to followin us!


Tobias Harris to UT....

The #5 ranked player in the country, according to rivals.com, Tobias Harris has made his collegiate choice.

Harris, a five-star power forward from Dix Hills, NY, has had a very publicized and busy recruitment and finalized his recruitment with a bang by arriving at his ESPNU signing in a stretch limo (courtesy of Jeff Goodman Tweet).

Harris' choice of Bruce Pearl and the Volunteers adds even more talent to an ever improving Tennessee program, and shows that Sweaty Bruce isn't going to lay down let Calipari run roughshod throughout the SEC.


Volleyball Booty of the Week Returns!!

Now that I'm back to blogging on the daily, I thought it was time to bring back one of the features that made us popular in the beginning!

Welcome back the Volleyball Booty of the Week!



Terrence Jones, Stayin Home?

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Terrence Jones, the 13th ranked recruit in the country (Rivals.com), has been flirting with the possibility of leaving the left coast, specifically for the friendly confines of Lexington, Kentucky.

However, stories are beginning to surface that lead one to believe that home is where his heart truly lies.

Jones, whom is considered a perfect fit for the DDMO offense, would thrive in a system such as Calipari's, but if the early reports hold true, Jones will remain close to home and choose one of the Pac-10 powers he has been considering.

Calipari and company better hope that C.J. Leslie decides to follow John Walls foot steps and head to Kentucky, or they're going to lose out on all of their primary big-man targets!



What's up folks! Time for your weekly spam post!

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Chubby of the Day...

Malin Akerman, FTW.


The King Could Save the Browns....

Lebron James in a Cleveland Browns uniform?

We all know it'll never happen, but Cleveland fans and even Mangenius can dream can't they?

Lebron is the most freakish athlete in the world right now, and the though of a 6'8", 250 pound TE with sub 4.5 speed running at you is a rather incredible thought, right? Oh wait. We already have that guys...his name? Vernon Davis!

So, lets stop all this crap about not ever seeing someone with Lebron's freakish nature on the football field. However, the thought of Lebron James lining up wide for the Browns is rather intriguing.

You think Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson could manage to get him the ball? I doubt it!


Chubby of the Day

>> Monday, November 16, 2009

If Audrina Patridge doesn't get a rise out of you....well, you're a fag.


Are You Ready?

They say he's better than Derrick Rose. His youtube highlights have become legendary. He's projected as the number one pick in next years NBA draft (nbadraft.net).

His name? John Wall.

The most ballyhooed recruit to grace the hardwood residing within the confines of Rupp Arena since Jamal Mashburn makes his debut tonight, and its time to see what all the hype is about.

Sure, we got a glimpse with a ridiculous stat-line in his exhibition versus Clarion, but I could score 14 and grab 6 boards against that squad. Tonight Wall laces them up against a game Miami(OH) Redhawks team, and if you have FSN, you need to be watching.

Here's a little taste of what Mr. Wall brings to the table.

Enjoy folks, because that kind of talent will only be around for one season!


Brandon Knight Has a Top 3??

>> Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harrison Barnes, whom some services consider the #1 recruit in the country, made his choice of UNC this past weekend, and now it's time to start seeing where exactly Brandon Knight may end up.

Brandon, the #1 recruit in the country according to rivals.com, apparently has settled on a top three. According to a source close to the Knight camp, Kentucky, Florida and Kansas are the top three teams in the running for his services.

If this source holds true, UCONN fans may be in for a shock, because they felt that they had an excellent chance at landing Brandon. Should be an interesting spring with the Knight recruitment!

For those of you that haven't seen Mr. Knight on the court...check it.


Manny Pacquiao Will Fuck You Up...

Floyd Mayweather, Jr....do you see this picture? Is this why you keep ducking the Filipino assassin?

I can't say that I blame you....I don't think I would want that hyper little bitch to turn my face into his personal punching bag either!




No, folks....that is not the Slovenia national team. That is your 2009-2010 Duke Blue Devils.

The fact that Coach K has decided to pull a Larry Bird and field a team that is on par with Aldoph Rupp's younger years is rather entertaining in its own right, but the fact that they picked a movie boys from the hood love to love to represent themselves is downright comical.

Well played, Duke. Well played!


Way to go Jodie! Oh Wait, That was Brandon Jennings!

You think anyone is regretting passing on Brandon Jennings? The kid who decided to play in Europe is showing that it paid off this season. The kid is flat out blowing up and off to a blazing start for the Bucks.

Check that 29 point 3rd quarter and the best quarter by a rookie since LBJ, and you'll see what I mean!


Oh, Geez.

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

Folks, if you were like me, you had to believe there would be no-one in the country as annoying as Tyler Hansbrough to grace the hardwood this season. Well, after watching UNC open the season tonight (against the worst D-1 team I have ever seen...mix in Isiah Thomas and FIU may be transitioning back to NAIA), I came to the conclusion that I was terribly wrong.

Meet the Wear Brothers, Travis and David.

Sure, we all heard how completely overrated they were this offseason and none of us were sure what to expect from the two white kids from Mater Dei. Well, it appears they have decided to pattern their game exactly after the Great White Hype, Tyler Hansbrough, himself. Seriously, why the fuck did you do this to us Roy? WHY! Then you decide to let them do the most gay thing possible...wear #34 and #43...HOW CUTE!

So, be prepared for four more years of flopping, tom-foolery and ridiculous facial expressions in Chapel Hill, because Roy (and his spray on tan) apparently like to make us suffer.


Chubby of the Day...

Mila Kunis....who cares if she dates the guy from Home Alone...


It's College Basketball Season ALREADY?

Yeah, I know its been a while. I've had shit to do, and I'm not even gonna apologize for having a real life outside of the internet.

However, since its obvious that the commissioners of the BCS conferences are attempting to make sure that no-one crashes their system...I've lost interest in the integrity of college football this season, and thats something I never thought I'd hear myself say. Therefore, I'm turning my attention, for the time being, over to the world of college basketball....

Welcome to the PMB's inaugural TOP 25...

25)Kansas State
21)Georgia Tech
19)Mississippi State
17)Ohio State
11)Ohio State
9)North Carolina
5)Michigan State
3)West Virginia

Breakdowns of the top 10 teams coming throughout the week :)