Oh, Geez.

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

Folks, if you were like me, you had to believe there would be no-one in the country as annoying as Tyler Hansbrough to grace the hardwood this season. Well, after watching UNC open the season tonight (against the worst D-1 team I have ever seen...mix in Isiah Thomas and FIU may be transitioning back to NAIA), I came to the conclusion that I was terribly wrong.

Meet the Wear Brothers, Travis and David.

Sure, we all heard how completely overrated they were this offseason and none of us were sure what to expect from the two white kids from Mater Dei. Well, it appears they have decided to pattern their game exactly after the Great White Hype, Tyler Hansbrough, himself. Seriously, why the fuck did you do this to us Roy? WHY! Then you decide to let them do the most gay thing possible...wear #34 and #43...HOW CUTE!

So, be prepared for four more years of flopping, tom-foolery and ridiculous facial expressions in Chapel Hill, because Roy (and his spray on tan) apparently like to make us suffer.