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>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Playmakers have added a new contributor....

A good friend of mine and one of the biggest Duke homers you will ever meet, Kris.

His inaugural post will be posted along with this....Expect to see more in the future..probably ridiculous rants about how Coach K isn't racist and how the Oakland Raiders are the next New England Patriots. Those posts will come under his own name, once we get his account setup.


Offseason Power Rankings
We all know that baseball is America’s pastime, but football is its passion. Sure mini-camps haven’t even begun yet and we are still four months away from kickoff but who cares? Let’s see who is at the top of the food chain. You may be surprised..I know I was.

1.) Oakland Raiders - Why? Because they went 5-11 last year and were able to retain the nucleus of this team and manage not to sign a single free agent that matters. Plus add in the stellar draft consisting of a kid who caught 13 career total touchdowns in four years and a safety in the second round that Mel Kiper did not even have listed in his top 40 safeties available. You put all that together with the fact that I am a diehard fan and you understand why they are ranked here.

Now on to some more realistic rankings…

2.) New England Patriots – Never bet against Tom Brady. Ever.

3.) Pittsburgh Steelers – Fresh off a super bowl victory with the most talented defense in the league from top to bottom.

4.) Indianapolis Colts – They are as dangerous as any team in the league as long as Peyton and Bob Sanders stay healthy.

5.) Arizona Cardinals – If Boldin stays put plus the additions of Bryant McFadden and Chris Wells, makes them a contender again next year.

6.) New York Giants – They added some nice defensive players through free agency and drafted an underrated receiver in Hakeem Nicks to help replace Plaxico “Cheddar Bob” Burress.

7.) Philadelphia Eagles – Solidified their tackle positions and stole Jeremy Maclin at number 19 in the draft.

8.) Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan is the real deal. I also like the addition of Tony Gonzalez.

9.) Tennessee Titans – They won a lot of games last year even with Kerry “I’m never in a hurry” Collins as the starting quarterback. They will feel the Haynesworth loss though.

10.) Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler is the steal of this early century.

11.) Minnesota Vikings – This could all change with the addition of Brett Favre. Not sure if it will be in a good way or bad.

12.) San Diego Chargers – As much as I dislike Rivers, he is a stud. Plus that Tomlinson guy isn’t bad either.

13.) New Orleans Saints – New defensive coach and new defensive players to go with that explosive offensive won’t hurt.

14.) Baltimore Ravens – Lost some key defensive players and I am still not wacko for Flacco.

15.) Dallas Cowboys – They are this low because I have a personal vendetta with Tony Romo for making Jessica “Daisy Duke” Simpson overweight. Plus the fact Dallas has not won a playoff game this decade.

16.) New York Jets – Had a nice offseason but you cannot expect much with a rookie quarterback. Not everyone is Matt Ryan (*see Jamarcus Russell).

17.) Carolina Panthers – “Day light come and me want to Delhomme” needs to earn that new paycheck to make them a contender again.

18.) Washington Redskins – Does Jason Campbell really deserve this kind of treatment? I don’t think so. Shocker that during a recession, Snyder still finds a way to go out and pay a billion dollars to one free agent.

19.) Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers is legit. Too bad this 3-4 defense they are trying to implement doesn’t fit the personnel.

20.) Houston Texans – They got hot last year. Could be a sleeper pick if Schaub finds a way to stay under center this season.

21.) Seattle Seahawks – They can make some noise if Hasselbeck comes back to full strength.

22.) Cincinnati Bengals – With Palmer healthy, they could be another sleeper pick.

23.) Jacksonville Jaguars – Took care of their offensive line, which seemed to be the major problem with this team last year.

24.) Buffalo Bills – Better get your popcorn ready. I am kidding, I don’t expect much from this team.

25.) Miami Dolphins – I see them as the 2008 Saints. The wildcat won’t be nearly as effective this year.

26.) Denver Broncos – I am not sure I agree with how they handled their draft or the rest of the offseason for that matter.

27.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Defense is still old and no clear cut starting quarterback.

28.) San Francisco 49ers – I honestly have no idea who their starting quarterback is? That can’t be a good sign.

29.) Cleveland Browns – Mangini struck out once in New York, will it happen again?

30.) St. Louis Rams – They have some nice young defensive talent and a new LT to anchor the line but still not close to competing.

31.) Kansas City Chiefs – They traded away their biggest offensive threat. It is safe to say they are in rebuilding mode.

32.) Detroit Lions – There is still a lot of work to be done here.


The PlayMakers Post Spring Top 10: FBS!

1) The Tim Tebows -What more is there to say?The defending national champions are are the team to beat! The moment Tebow said he was coming back every coach in America let out a collective, "Damn."

2) Oklahmoma-Sam Bradford and 5 (Yes I said 5) possible first round draft choices would have most coaches salivating....Bob Stoops, on the other hand, is headed for another BCS bowl game loss.

3)Southern Cal-Hi, Pete Carroll. Let's see if you bring the best out of your team full of NFL talent for a full season. Yes, that means don't lose to Washington this year...I figure its their turn to beat you and crush your dreams.

4)Texas-Colt McCoy and company are loaded on offense...can they stop your high school teams passing attack?

5)Virginia Tech-How far has Tyrod Taylor progressed this spring? With one of the toughest opening schedules in college football...VT will find out soon!

6)Alabama-Nick Saban, love him or hate, can coach. The transformation of the Alabama football program has been amazing and, thankfully for Tide fans, Utah isn't on the schedule.

7)Mississippi-Do you miss Houston Nutt, Arkansas? Jevan Snead and company came on strong at the end of the year and will have their best team post Eli.

8)Oklahoma State-Mike Gundy is a MAN. We'll see how well that translates in a stacked big 12. Also, for your sake, please youtube Mike Gundy and watch him berate an ignorant reporter.

9)Boise State-They just keep hanging around. Take their coach? They win anyway! Boise State is back and is this year's Utah.

10)LSU-4 SEC teams in the top 10? Yep. LSU fans have become spoiled and Les Myles may feel the heat with another "subpar" year, but that won't happen.

Sorry, Big Ten. Get a championship game, some good athletes that aren't raised on farms and run 4.9 40s, and learn how to stop the spread offense and......maybe you'll sniff The PlayMakers Top 10.


Eric Bledsoe's presser!

Mr. Bledsoe's presser has hit youtube! In case you were at it is!


London? LONDON?

You're kidding, Roger. Right?!

You can't be buying into this nonsense....

Apparently, you're money grubbing butt is pondering the idea of taking the Super Bowl to London...I suppose, they sold you on the Super Bowl for David Beckham trade? C'mon! No matter how many time's you see Victoria Beckham's cleavage..its not a fair trade!

I mean, he really BOOSTED those crazy MLS ratings and put people in the stands to watch the most boring sport on the planet.

That this possibility is being discussed is unfathomable...

The Super Bowl is AMERICA'S big game! You don't see England trying to send Mancheseter United over here to play its biggest game!

If you allow this to piss off you're most important money maker..the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

So, go ahead, Roger...let it happen.

Go to London for a week, eat some fish and chips, drink some warm beer and make out with some nussie with nasty teeth...While we're stuck here watching a 2PM AFTERNOON super bowl...

Sure, that wouldn't ruin a lot of people's February!


Bledsoe's a Cat...

I don't have much time, but Bledsoe confirmed he is a CAT this morning!

More later.