>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

47 Points
12 Rebounds
8 Assists
15-25 FGS
5-10 3PT
12-16 FT LINE


According to Sportscenter, only one other player has had a similar stat line in NBA history...

Mr. Michael Jordan.

46 Points
11 Rebounds
9 Assists.

The progression towards greatness continues for Lebron James.


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Rivals.com's Updated 2009 Basketball Team Recruiting Rankings..

For full synopsis regarding the top 25 classes.

Rival's.com ranked the classes in the following order:

1) Kentucky
2) Villanova
3) Texas
4) Georgia Tech
5) North Carolina
6) Kansas
7) Oklahoma
10) Indiana

*No Duke in the top 10 will hurt Kris' feelings.
*See the provided link for 11-25 rankings*


The Stabilzer...

Very few athletes are wired with a championship gene....

A gene that can calm the fears and take their team to heights that were thought to be unreachable...

Enter Chauncey Billups.

Most likely, one of the most underrated players in the NBA, Chauncey has led a remarkable turnaround with his hometown Denver Nuggets. The same Denver Nuggets that haven't tasted post season success since Dikemebe Mutumbo was shaking his finger as an 8 seed. The same Denver Nuggets that have had tons of talent, but the chemistry of a Dallas Cowboy team on a charter bus.

The same Nuggets team that was, ATTEMPTING, to be lead by the walking lymphoma of a teammate....the cancerous Allen Iverson. With Iverson at the helm this team may have been a 7 or 8 seed. One stupid Joe Dumars trade and 80 games later, the Chauncey Billups lead Nuggets are on the verge of the Western Conference Finals.

Those Iverson lead Pistons? Swept!

It's amazing what one individual player can do to an entire NBA franchise. Chauncey epitomizes the aforementioned transformation.


Let's Get Physical!

Many of us were basketball players in high school and recall the constant belittling from football players.....They had determined basketball was a "SISSY" sport, to put it nicely. The assumption has always been that basketball is a "finesse" sport, with the rare physical bully to knock the other team off rhythm.

However, during this years NBA Playoffs, something has changed. These finesse ballers have become pushin', shovin' and downright mean basketball players.

The NBA's current talent level is at an all-time high and, while we've had our usual blowouts, most playoff games have been competitive and hard played. So hard played that Howie Long and Mike Singletary would be proud...

Keep up the good work, Gentlemen.


R.I.P. Chuck...

The basketball world will not be the same after this past Saturday. Chuck Daly passed away at the age of 78. Chuck Daly has a track record that is not matched by many. He won two NBA championships with the "Bad Boys" in Detroit and not to mention he was the man that lead that magical 1992 Dream Team to a gold medal.

Chuck was named to one of the top 10 coaches in NBA history in 1996. He was always known as a "player's coach" while commanding any of the teams he coached throughout his tenure.

Chuck holds a special place in my heart for two reasons:
1.) He was actually an assisstant coach at Duke University for 6 years from 1963 to 1968.
2.) He coached the Orlando Magic while a certain favorite player of mine (Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway) was tearing up the league or at least his knee during his last two seasons in an Orlando Magic uniform.

ESPN posted an article that is worth checking out remembering Chuck for all that he was. Check it out.


There are those you love to hate...

In sports part of the appeal is the disdain you develop for teams other than your own....the competitive hatred that fuels your brain when your team is playing aforementioned hated team or person is what makes sports great.

Whether, its the flopping Manu Ginobli, the boring nature of The Big Fundamentals game or just the impulse to vomit everytime Tim Tebow graces your TV screen....different athletes elicit varied reactions..

However, one athlete has come to the forefront of disdain...

Yes, Kobe, is a great basketball player...one of the best in the world but that doesn't mean he's not the biggest asshole to put on the uniform.

Constantly bitching at his teammates and giving cheap shots to his opponents...is there someone that is easier to hate in the game today?

The transition Kobe made following his acquittal from rape has been, truly, astonishing. A once clean-cut, enjoyable individual transformed into a tattooed, mouthy punk with a serious inferiority complex.

It's alright Kobe....when Lebron waxes you in the finals and you go home without another ring....I, and many others across the country, are going to cherish watching you whine one more time!

One more thing, Kobe...

*Light up the comment section people....who do you love to hate?


Good thing they wear different color jerseys...

Am I the only one that thinks if Sasha Vujacic and Luis Scola switched jersies no one, including their teammates, would notice? I know they play different positions and Luis has a bigger build but how these two guys don't share the same last name blows my mind.
Maybe it's just the flowing locks of sweaty hair both are representing in the fourth quarter of tonight's game or just the fact I was not able to spell either of their names without googling them, I don't know, but something seems fishy with these two.