Mother Lover?

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little break from sports for the day!


No Yao? No Problem!

Welcome to the big time Aaron Brooks.

Brooks scored 34 points and the flop king, Shane Battier pitched in 23 and the Houston Rockets blasted the LA Lakers.

Myself, and many others, felt this series was over after Yao Ming went to the sidelines in game, but Aaron Brooks and company have other things in mind.

Kobe Bryant had a lackluster game...hitting only 7-17 from the field with many of those being terrible shots!

Another performance like tonight and there is a chance that the NBA won't get their wish of a Kobe vs. Lebron final.


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Seriously, Sam?

I refuse to use a picture of Sam Keller. Why? I do not want sued for likeness rights...

What are you thinking Sam Keller? Do you really think a lawsuit against EA Sports is going to stick? This almost does not deserve any recognition because it seems I am just giving into what Sam Keller wants to happen, free publicity. He can't seriously think that he has any chance in this case.

Sam, don't be so upset that your rating on NCAA Football isn't as high as you were hoping it would be. I mean if you are that hurt by it, I suggest that you go into the edit settings and juice your ratings up to what you feel they should be. That would be a much simplier solution than trying to sue EA.


Billy Gillispie reacting to the VMI loss...(Bad Language!)

Be warned, there is some pretty hefty language in this video!

Even as a huge UK fan...this had me laughing!


Rival's 2009 Team Recruitng Rankings: College Football

Rival's Team Rankings for the 2009 Class

Top 10

3)Ohio State
7)Florida State
9)North Carolina

Alabama and LSU both landed four 5-star prospects.

*Click the link above for a ranking for every single FBS team (Including a rankings breakdown by position).*


Phil Mickleson is black?

Oh, wait...that's Tiger pulling a Chipper Jones and becoming a switch hitting golfer at the TPC. It's not even fair.


Yao's Down....

All twelve Rocket's fans in the country are shedding a tear on Mother's Day...

Their slim chances of beating Kobe and the Lakers has now become a zero.

Yao Ming will miss the rest of the playoffs because of a broken foot. The recovery period will take 8-12 weeks, but will not require surgery. Yao's feet have become as injury proned as Vinny Testeverde's toes.

Lookin' like it'll be The Kobe Bryant's vs. The Carmelo's in the Western Conference finals.