How can Noah pull that?

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Joakim Noah proves to guys all around the world to never lower your standards. You can look like your mother mated with an ostrich while rolling X at a phish concert and, if you have money, still pull a piece of ass that is out of your league!

A nine or ten is never out of your league, fellas. If you ever forget that....just look at this picture.


An Ultimatium for John Wall?

Rumblings galore today involving the John Wall recruitment. Recruiting guru Jody Demling announced VIA twitter that a possible ultimatum had been issued by one of the colleges recruiting Wall.

It's is common knowledge that Wall prefers Calipari and UK and his "handler" Brian Clifton supports Coach K and Duke, but who issued this supposed "ultimatum" is unknown.

Many are worried about the possibility of this recruitment dragging past the May 20th signing date and that may be the reason for the ultimatum.

Stay tuned!


Who is Brandon Knight?

Derrick Rose, John Wall, Brandon Knight? All three names are synonymous in the terms of elitism at the point guard position.

Brandon Knight has improved his toughness and strength that has helped rocket him to the #1 position among's Rivals150. Brandon is known as an elite scorer with range beyond the three point line. There are no worries about his playmaking ability, but scouts wonder whether he will use that ability to distribute the rock for his teammates.

Brandon has an extremely active work ethic and the sky is the limit for the young Floridian.

A who's who of NCAA powers are recruiting Brandon. Expect Duke, UK & Florida to be among the possible destinations.


Oh Greg...

ESPN is reporting Greg Paulus is enrolling at Syracuse to not only further his education, but to try his luck at playing football for the Orange. As pointed out yesterday by an anonymous poster, I am a bit of a "Duke Homer." I have never been a fan of Greg Paulus though. I usually like the typical fiesty Duke point guards, but I knew Paulus as hard as he tried, just didn't have what it took to lead Duke into any type of contention.

I commend him for trying his hand at football after not picking one up in four years. I really am pulling for him, I'm just glad I'm not doing it while he is supporting a Duke basketball uniform. Worst case scenerio, he ends up with a graduate degree and an impressive list of credentials. Ah, who are we kidding, he'll end up an assistant coach at Duke like all the other former Duke point guards.