R.I.P. Wayman...

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

College Basketball Hall of Famer & musician...Wayman Tisdale passed away today. He was 44 years young and one of the best to ever don the Oklahoma uniform.

R.I.P. Wayman.


Well, Greg Doyel, tell it like it is!

They have gorgeous women, wonderful weather and are located in one of the primary media hubs in the country...Yet, they still have to cheat?

Greg Doyel tell's the USC program what he really thinks about them in his most recent article.

Doyel is a straight shooter and a lightning rod for criticism with many of his articles, but there should be no disagreement from the eastern or western seaboards with his most recent lambasting.

"There have been dirtier college football programs. Southern Methodist with its Pony Expre$$ comes to mind. Oklahoma and all the hell that was breaking loose under Barry Switzer. Almost any of the schools coached by Jackie Sherrill.

There have been dirtier college basketball programs. Kentucky in the late 1980s with bulging Emery envelopes and bogus SAT test scores. California with Todd Bozeman. Baylor and that serpent, Dave Bliss.

But there has never been a dirtier combination of college football and college basketball programs, at the same time, than the Southern California Trojans.

What era of USC football and basketball?

This era."

Doyel continues his wonderful rant with this dooozie...

" This is the most scandalous athletic program of this era. And that's saying something. So the question to ask right now is not this one: Who should be fired at USC?

The question is this:

Who shouldn't?"

Let the media meltdown in Southern California begin....I, for one, am ecstatic. :)


Jodie, Jodie, Jodie...

Besides John Wall, there remains one unsolved piece to the Calipari puzzle for the 2009-2010 season.

Jodie Meeks has been invited to participate in the NBA's combine in Chicago on May 28th and May 29th.

Everyone knows about Jodie's exceptional outside shooting and his ability to put points on the board in bunches(Just ask Bruce Pearl). The single game scoring record holder is considered to be a second round pick, at best, but with a good performance at the combine..he could possibly move up to the end of the first.

However, most believe Jodie would benefit greatly from working in the DDM offense and further developing his ball handling skills. Following the combine, we will most likely see a decision.

Does he stay or does he go? Give your thoughts in the comment section.


65 points?!!

Maybe I don't know as much about basketball as I had thought? I thought this series was over when Yao went down. Actually, I thought it was over before it even started. So can someone please explain to me how Luis Scola, Aaron Brooks, and Carl Landry combine for 65 points last night against the Lakers? 65 points!!!? Really?

How does a team without Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming win two games against last year's Finals runner up? This is the same Lakers that have arguably the best player in the world, along with another all star in Pau Gasol, and a floor leader like Derek Fisher.

I don't honestly believe that the Rockets will win game 7 tomorrow night but if they do, then I would go ahead and pencil in a Lebron vs. Carmelo match up in the finals. Unless, Aaron Brooks (who I thought was a quarterback for the Saints) decides to keep proving me and the rest of the world wrong.