Blake Griffin anyone?

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So who ended up with the chance to draft Blake Griffin? Essentially thats all this lottery is for. He is in a league of his own compared to the other players in this draft. There is still plenty talent behind him but not any that compares to his abilities. So who was lucky enough to get that chance to land him? Here is a quick run down of how the lottery played out tonight.

1.) Los Angeles Clippers
2.) Memphis Grizzlies
3.) Oklahoma City Thunder
4.) Sacramento Kings
5.) Washington Wizards
6.) Minnesota Timberwolves
7.) Golden State Warriors
8.) New York Knicks
9.) Toronto Raptors
10.) Milwaukee Bucks
11.) New Jersey Nets
12.) Charlotte Bobcats
13.) Indiana Pacers
14.) Phoenix Suns

Seriously, the Clippers? This team doesn't even bother to try to get better or keep their own talent. Sorry Blake, look at the brightside, you'll be a free agent in a few years.


The Sensational Six, Fab Five-esque?

The greatest recruiting class off all-time once graced the floor at the University of Michigan. Chris Webber and company are the greatest recruiting coup ever and they proved themselves worthy by landing in two national championship games(losing both).

Then there was the Thad Five at OSU who consisted of five players ranked 33rd or better! Thad led that team to the national championship game where they eventually lost.

Enter John Calipari and his 2009 Sensational Six. In 7 short weeks, Calipari has landed what is, arguably, one of the top three classes of all-time, on paper.

To preface, let's take a look at the rankings for the aforementioned Fab-Five and Thad-Five:

Fab Five

Average Ranking=16

Thad Five
Morgan-33*-Never attended.

Average Ranking=17.4

Outstanding classes on both teams and the two best of all time!

Now, onto John Calipari and Kentucky's new Sensational Six!

Rankings based on's top 150.

John Wall-1
DeMarcus Cousins-2
Daniel Orton-22
Eric Bledsoe-23
John Hood-40
Darnell Dodson-One of the top ranked juco's and Jerry Meyer(rivals recruiting analyst refers to him as top 40)

Average Ranking=17.6

The average ranking above is compiled without factoring Dodson into the equation. Dodson will be a solid playmaker on this squad.

As you can see, this recruiting class is nearly identical to the two aforementioned recruiting classes. Will they produce the same quality product on the court? That remains to be seen, but what Calipari has accomplished in a short 7 weeks is beyond remarkable.

Kentucky is back and they are here to stay as long as John Calipari is roaming the sidelines and being the salesman for this historic program. Nike has recently released the t-shirt with the slogan, "Envy Our Past, Fear Our Future." Well, the entire nation has taken notice and I expect to see a lot more cheerful versions of "My Old Kentucky Home" in Rupp Arena for the foreseeable future.

Welcome back, Kentucky. The big 5 were missing your presence.


Welcome to Kentucky, John Wall!

John Wall commits to Kentucky! MORE LATER!