Orlando Wins!

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a nailbiter this game turned out to be. At first, it seemed as if Lebron and company were going to run away with this game much like they have every other game in Cleveland this year. Instead, Orlando rallied on the back of Dwight Howard, or was it Rashard Lewis? I think it was the spirit of one Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway that guided the Magic to a key playoff victory tonight. That has no truth in it whatsoever, but I wanted to write about how Penny was one of the most underrated players of all time and I thought this was a good lead in.

Lets not forget who put the Orlando Magic on the map. It wasn't Shaquille O'neal, it was the flashy 2nd year point gaurd that lead this team to the 1995 finals birth. People always hate on Penny being hurt his whole career, he whined, got his coaches fired, blah, blah. The truth of the matter is people often forget how far Penny came in such a short time in the NBA.

He was a first team All NBA player by his second year in the league. He was the first guard that warranted legit comparisons to Magic Johnson. He was a 6'7 true silky smooth point gaurd that could score, pass, and rebound with anyone else in the league at that time. How else can you explain the reason that Nick "I shot a solid 3% from the free throw line" Anderson or Dennis Scott (Who might be the most unathletic player ever in NBA history not named Brian Scalabrine) stayed productive in the league all those years? One answer, Penny Hardaway.

Does anyone remember that 1997 series with the Miami Heat when Penny plus a team full of scrubs (e.g., David Vaughn, Rony Seikley,etc.) took the series to 5 games after being down 2 to 1? How did this happen? It happened because Penny decided to showcase his abilities by averaging 42 points a game. Then came the microfacture surgeries on the knee and left us with the Penny that we saw in Phoenix, New York, and Miami last year.

If not for these numerous microfacture surgeries, Penny would have ended up being a hall of famer. I'll go a step further, if Penny had not got injured so early in his career he would have went down as one of the top 5 NBA players of all time. Maybe I am being a bit biased, but who cares? It is partially my blog. If you need a reminder of how good Penny really was, take a look at the video below.


Volleyball Booty of the Week......#3

Welcome to the third week of our best volleyball booties!



John Wall Presser...



Countdown til UT is on Probation!

Lane, Lane, Lane. We all know you learned from the best cheater in the country, Pete Carroll, but you may want to slow down a bit on the violations! How many have you committed before your first game? 46? 47?

Just because your wife is smokin' hott...

...doesn't mean you have an excuse to ignore recruiting rules.

On top of your repeated violations, you've already pissed off Mr. Sensitive, Urban Meyer, and have a beat down of epic proportions waiting for you in The Swamp. I suppose you wanted to come in with a bang, but that bang may be as short lived as your stay in Knoxville if you continue at this pace.

Therefore, in your honor...we are now starting the countdown until UT is on probation.

Good Luck!


Hide your dogs....

Mike Vick is officially out of prison.

Although, he is on house arrest, expect a brilliant display of stupidity by the PETA fanatics to materialize. The NFL's former highest paid man has had a dramatic fall from grace, one that cannot begin to be described with words.

A transcendent athlete of his kind had never graced the bermuda grass of NFL stadiums. He was the first of his kind and he threw it all away in one fail swoop. Vick is now a bankrupt felon who is going to be working for a construction company during his house arrest.

Besides Iron Mike, we may never see another athlete who had no idea just how great a life he lived. Money, women, homes, vacations, cars and, yet, Vick still tumbled it all down the drain to watch two dogs FIGHT.

Good luck finding another spot in the NFL, Mike. We know the Oakland Raiders or Buffalo Bills of the world will take the risk that could come with the reward you provide. Let's hope you have learned your lesson and decide to, truly, straighten up...Nobody wants to see you turn into the next Pac-Man Jones.


It was a great try 'Melo...

Talk about a head to head battle last night. Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets almost stole game 1 and homecourt advantage from the Lakers last night. Too bad the Lakers have that one guy who is a pretty good closer, known as Kobe Bryant.

Kobe willed his team to victory in the last two minutes. With about 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter, I was convinced that the Nuggets may walk away with this game. Then Kobe decides he is going to score 18 points in the 4th quarter alone.

If this game is any indication of how the series will go, it should be an interesting one to keep an eye on.