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>> Friday, May 22, 2009

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The PlayMaker


Michael Strahan....the next Bill Cosby?

Sandford and Son, The Cosby's, The Urkels, Tyler Perry and Michael Strahan????

The Gap-Toothed One's sitcom, "Brother's," has been picked up by Fox this fall. Sure, he has a nice sense of humor and does a decent job on Fox NFL Sunday, but an actual sitcom? How many teeth jokes will be in the first episode? I'm guessing 12 and a cancellation after four short weeks!

I'm not sure what to think about this recent football star to television trend that has occurred. Sure, I can handle you on ESPN(except Emmitt Smith and his first grade vernacular) and other pregame shows, but when Lawrence Taylor gets coked up and cha cha's with a hot blonde on Dancing With the Stars, I begin to worry.

However, I may be wrong. Michael Strahan may be a success like his former teammate, Tiki Barber.

I mean, calling your co-host a CUNT on national television really helps support the cause!

Maybe, just maybe, athletes will begin to realize that all of them are not destined to be superstars, ala Jason Taylor. 'Til then, enjoy watching Michael Strahan attempt to be the next Theo Huxtable.