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>> Saturday, May 23, 2009

To reply to the post below, I am not going to come on here talk about how Penny Hardaway is the greatest player ever and that Lebron James is just a second tier player. Although, if Lebron wants to prove something to me then he will have to show that he is more than just a basketball player. I mean not only was Penny terrorizing defenses in the mid ninties... but he did all this while pulling off an oscar worthy performance as Butch Mcray in the underrated movie "Blue Chips." There was such emotion that could be felt when he decided he didn't want to go to school anymore and just wanted to move back home. If you haven't saw this golden nugget, rent it as soon as you are finished reading this blog and clicking on any and all ads.

Im kidding, I actually love Lebron James. He is obviously a super intelligent guy who has an eye for talent. Just check out this interview with him if you don't believe me.


The NCAA Gets it Wrong, AGAIN!

Jeremy Jarmon, Kentucky's stud defensive end, has been suspended for his senior season following a positive drug test. The drug in question is believed to be a dietary supplement Jarmon was using to shed a few extra pounds.

While, Jarmon should have discussed the supplement that he was taking with his athletic trainers and advisers, a full year suspension is ludicrous. Jarmon is an academic superstar and has never had any off the field issues in his illustrious career. The NCAA's ability to properly educate and inform student athletes on the use of over the counter supplements that can be purchased at GNC or your local vitamin store is ridiculous. Sure, they inform them on the dangers and ramifications that come with steroid and HGH use, but they are misinformed and undereducated on the use of these other dietary supplements.

The NCAA is supposed to look out for the best interests of their student athletes, yet, they allow certain schools to trot out repeat offenders and criminals on a daily basis. Supposedly, trying to drop a few pounds is a worse offense than going Eric Devendorf and punching a female in the face(Devendorf received a minimal suspension this past year for his conduct).

Watching Jeremy Jarmon break down in his press conference this morning was heart wrenching and depressing. Jeremy has worked hard to become the best football player he can be and will be forced to miss his entire senior season and a chance to attack the sack record at the University of Kentucky.

Best wishes to a great kid, a great ambassador for his University and an excellent student. Work hard, Jeremy and the Big Blue Nation will enjoy cheering for you on Sunday's.


Lebron James=Big Shot Bob...

Lebron James decided to do his best Robert Horry impersonation last night and succeeded. Lebron's fadeaway three pointer at the buzzer literally saved the Cavs season and David Stern's dream of a Kobe vs. Lebron final.

Lebron continues to elevate his game to another stratosphere and is paving his way to be the greatest the game has seen. Call me a Lebron homer all you want, but when the man is knocking down a jumper consistently there is no stopping him. He has single handily carried this Cavs team to this point and will win this series (if David Stern has his way).

It's truly amazing what Lebron has been able to do considering that Mike Brown runs an offense that resembles my 4th grade pee wee basketball team. Basically, spread it out and let your best player attempt to score every single point. This same offense, amazingly, won Mike Brown the NBA Coach of the Year Award. Once again, another testament to the true talent of Lebron James.

*Expect Kris to show up and tell us how Penny Hardaway was the greatest and Lebron is a second tier NBA player*