Studio 54 closing up shop at UK?

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

Rumors are beginning to swirl that Jodie Meeks has every intention of staying in the NBA draft this season. The catch? Jodie is looking for a guarantee from a team for the early second round.

Meeks, whom would likely be a pre-season All-American candidate, had a year to remember last season. He placed his name in the Kentucky record books with a display that would make Pistol Pete proud(a 54 point effort in Thompson Bolling). Meeks is a dead-eye shooter, but has many areas of his game that need improving, specifically his ball handling abilities. Many around the UK program felt Meeks would return and hone these skills within the confines of the DDM offense that Calipari has made famous.

However, it appears that Meek's eyes are on the prize, so to speak. He has every intention of staying in the draft if the right opportunity presents itself and it is rumored Calipari is exhausting his resources to make this wish come true for Jodie.

This could be a blow to the lofty expectations that have engulfed Wildcat Nation following Calipari's enormous recruiting haul this spring. To maintain these lofty expectations the Cats will need Darnell Dodson and John Hood to come to the forefront and help replace the guaranteed 15-20 points a game Meeks would have provided.

Who woulda thunk it? Patterson, a guaranteed first round pick, removes his name without working out and Jodie is intent on staying.

Who could blame the kid, though. His student-athlete experience has consisted of a coach leaving in the middle of the night, an injury filled sophmore campaign and a junior year, while great stat-wise, that was ruined by a coach who thinks he is Bobby Knight on steroids(after a few too many Maker's Marks). That isn't exactly the experience most collegiate athletes envision when enrolling at their selected school.


Give him a break

Jayson Williams can't seem to catch a break. First of all he is 41 years old, so it's cool that he was out clubbing at 2 A.M. Perfectly normal for any middle aged man to be out doing. So he might have accidentally punched a guy in the face. I am sure the guy had it coming.

Add that to the fact that he had to be tasered a month or so ago and his wife filed divorce papers earlier this year and you understand what Jayson Williams needs to do. It's right there in front of his face. He just needs help realizing it.

Become a rapper. He has more street cred than 90% of the rappers out there already. He has been accused of murder, lost his wife, punched a guy in the face at a club, and been tasered. What more ammo does he need? Even Eminem would have to tip his hat to all the craziness Jayson Williams has been through this decade. Plus, if R. Kelly, can get away with peeing on a 15 year old girl, then surely Williams can be forgiven for his mishaps over the past year.

Plus who can forget the crazy success that NBA players have had crossing over to rap? I have no doubts that Jayson Williams will be a shoe in to go platinum.