Unheard of...

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wow, King James decided not to dissappoint tonight. I wasn't going to blog anything about this game, but when a guy scores 17 fourth quarter points and drops 4 assists and accounts for 32 straight points for the Cavs, then I think it deserves some sort of recognition.

What Lebron James did tonight was nothing short of amazing. He once again put this team of scrubs on his back and closed the series to 3-2. Although, there was a Daniel Gibson sighting tonight. (Whatever happened to this kid after he went off in the playoffs his rookie year?)

I just mentioned what Lebron did in the fourth quarter alone. It should be noted that he did end up with a triple-double consisting of 37 points, 14 rebounds, and a modest 12 assists. I still see Orlando pulling this series out on Saturday, hopefully I am wrong.


UK Fires Back!

I hope you're ready for a war, Billy.

Everyone around the Kentucky fan base may get their wish and all of the "BCG Stories" will officially come out during this court case. BCG may have officially ruined any chance he had to obtain employment at a reputable institution and I LOVE IT.

May your career RIP Billy Clyde Gillispie.


Do or Die for the King?

A downtrodden city lies in wait. Cleveland, Ohio has been waiting for a championship since before the majority of us were conceived. A city that has been economically depressed and savaged emotionally over the past twenty years has labeled King James their savior.

Athleticism, raw talent, business savvy, charisma and charm can all be used to describe the one that is known simply as, "The King." However, following the most successful season in franchise history and two sweeps in the playoffs, the wheels have begun to fall off. Cleveland now trails Orlando 3-1 in the best of seven Eastern Conference Finals and many Cleveland fans seem to have accepted their fate once again.

Message boards are in panic mode and for good reason. Only eight teams in NBA history have returned from a 3-1 deficit and tasted victory. Can Cleveland become the ninth team to do so? Lebron James and his broad shoulders are their only hope. His teammates have, seemingly, disappeared throughout this series and the vaunted Cavaliers defense has allowed around 800 three pointers to touch the bottom of the net. The odds are obviously stacked against Lebron James.

Can he lift a team and even a city off the proverbial floor and reestablish their faith in winning this series?

We'll find out tonight. Escape with a win and the sliver of hope becomes a chance and all a fan can ask for is a, "chance."


A Black Eye for Calipari?

Memphis has been accused of several NCAA violations under Coach Calipari's watchful eye. However, Calipari was not mentioned in the aforementioned report.

""It's important to note that there are no allegations against John Calipari in the report," Peevy said."

The allegations include Derrick Rose, possibly, having someone participate and complete the SAT exam for him and failure of Rose's brother to pay back a booster for a trip.

While, Calipari was cleared of any wrongdoing and the University of Kentucky has stated they knew of the investigation prior to his hire, the ammunition has been given to opposing fan bases and the media.

Calipari has a reputation that has followed him throughout his career(The UMASS Camby Incident) and the media has already put Calipari and Kentucky on blast, so to speak.

While, the fact remains, Calipari has been convicted of ZERO violations during his NCAA career. Guess what? That's less than Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, John Wooden, John Calhoun and several others. However, he's treated as if he is Dave Bliss by the media.

Weather the storm UK fans...this will all be a distant memory once the season starts.