The Serial Bitcher Attempts to Clinch...

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

Kobe Bryant, the best closer in the game, attempts to do just that tonight, close out the season for the Denver Nuggets.

Whether you love him or despise him (like me), you have to admit to the greatness that is Kobe Bryant. He dropped 81 in an NBA Live '99 type performance, has obtained three rings VIA Shaq's jockstrap and managed to keep his wife around after being indicted on rape...the man has found ways to get it done.

The upstart Denver Nuggets have been inspired by Mr. Conference Final, Chauncey Billups, and have been more than competitive in this series, but can they deny Kobe a chance at one more championship ring?

The Denver crowd will be raucous and maybe, just maybe, we can get a ladder match with Vince McMahon at halftime? Possibly, a Kenyon Martin and Mark Cuban post-mother's day cage match? We can hope!


Sun Touching the Sun...

They sure do grow 'em big in China these days.

A 7'9" mountain of a man, Sun Mingming, is drawing comparisons to the Houston Rocket's center, Yao Ming.

The slow-footed giant has his eyes set on being the tallest man to ever grace an NBA hardwood. Imagine, someone making Yao look rather small! Don't expect to see him in the NBA anytime soon, though. Apparently, Sun makes Desagna Diop look as fast as Lebron.


The Life and Times of a UK Fan...

They've often been labeled fanatical and, to an extent, insane. Kentucky fans represent their program to the highest degree. They travel, they pay, they cheer and they wear their colors with pride. Yet, at times, a percentage of the fan base loses their mind over the most minute detail or situation.

I suppose that is understandable considering the anguish the program and fans have dealt with over the decades. Point shaving scandal's, the death penalty and numerous violations in football have all lead to a pessimistic attitude that starts a stadium size wave over the massive internet community. The recent accusations have brought the ecstatic fan base to its collective knees.

Visit the widely used Rupp Rafters portion of The Cats Pause and you will see a panic that can be rivaled only by fans of Miley Cyrus after a blasting by Perez Hilton.

Every fan base has their bad apples, sure. However, with the largest internet fan base in the country, Kentucky fans rear their ugly head more often than anyone in the country. This behavior has helped fuel the hate of Kentucky basketball all over the internet world.

I plead with fans to step back, take a breath and enjoy the facts instead of the doom and gloom. Kentucky has hired a coach who is making a splash and making them relevant within the realms of college basketball once again. A coach who has been lambasted by the media and opposing fan bases over the years for "alleged" bad behavior. Yet, his name is the cleanest of the clean in regards to NCAA violations. This new blip on the radar is news, folks, because Kentucky is back.

You just locked down the #1 recruiting class in the entire country and have a chance to return the two best players in the SEC and country. Calipari was not mentioned in these allegations! REMEMBER THAT! Quit failing to read the facts and opening your ears to what media hacks like Pat Forde have to say regarding the situation. The media reports this story to get people to watch, listen and read....and that is exactly what you as fans are doing.

Once again, step back from the computer, take a deep breath, bask in the wonderfulness of Kentucky basketball being front page news! It's been five years since you've had the opportunity to be a pre-season top 5 team and your pessimistic nature is ruining what should be an optimistic crowd of epic proportions. When Kentucky is winning games and the Memphis probe is put on the back burner, you will see your team on the front page for W's and you will all be clamoring about the greatness that is Coach Calipari.