Well that was boring...

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well that was an anti-climatic game to watch tonight. I don't think the Cavs ever got within 10 points of the Magic tonight. Lebron looked exhausted and I think thats okay, his back has to be killing him from keeping his team in this series for 6 games.

Dwight Howard was spectacular tonight. He ended up with a playoff career high of however many points it was (40 points I think, but don't quote me). There was no one on the Cavs' team that could slow him down, so they could forget about stopping him. I suppose I was just hoping for another one of those barn burner games that these playoffs have been full of this year. Instead, it played out like any other regular season game that is a complete bore.

I would like to throw out there that I did appreciate the "Gone Fishing" picture they showed after the game with Lebron's puppet being tossed in the water by Lil' Penny. I can't help but to get giddy anytime there is a Penny Hardaway reference on television these days. It was by far the most entertaining part of this game.

Next up for Superman and Super Hedo (we'll see if it sticks), the Black Mamba himself, Kobe Bryant. I am an avid Kobe fan, but I could very well see the Magic winning the 2009 finals if they keep hitting three pointers like they ain't a thang.


So updating your facebook is dangerous now huh?

Soo let me see if I got this straight...a backup no name player for the Atlanta Falcons was just released on bond from fighting with his wife about his facebook status?

You have got to be kidding me? I don't know who to blame for all this ridiculousness. Sounds like Quinn Ojinnaka has some issues with his wife that needs ironed out before he re-enters the facebook world.

Who would have thought that typing a simple facebook update would get you stabbed with a pen by your wife? Where is the trust at? Then he had to react in a mature manner by throwing her out of his home and in the process shoving her down the steps? I mean really? Who the hell is Quinn Ojinnaka anyways?

(That might be the first time I have ever written a whole paragraph with all interrogative sentences.)

I just find the whole thing to be so idiotic that it was worth blogging about in a boring sports day. So thank you Quinn, for your ignorance has saved the writer's block I was having this evening.


New Poll...

We put up a new poll this morning....don't forget to vote!

Wanna thank everybody for continuing to read and welcome all the new people....

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I have a concert tonight, but Kris will be by later to take care of some business on the blog. We may be adding a couple of bloggers in the near future as well and after that the next step is to purchase an actual domain name.....so the only way to go is up!

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