Urban Meyer is Creating Monsters....

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ubran Meyer no longer fields a team of football players...he's building a new breed of monster.

Apparently, a scuffle broke out when Janoris Jenkins, UF's starting cornerback, thought someone was going to attempt to steal his chain. Cops moved in on the situation and eventually used a Taser on Mr. Jenkins. HOWEVER, following the jolt from the taser, Jenkins proceeded to get up and pull his best Rae Carruth and run.

What kind of pain did Meyer inflict on these kids...that they can take the full voltage of a taser and not even be phased!

I wonder what Lane Kiffin will think when he reads the aforementioned article? Poor guy is probably peeing his diapers.

On a side note....Gary's inaugural post has been delayed til tomorrow....


Wall and Cousins Set to Qualify...

Over the past few days there was much speculation about the qualifying status of John Wall and DeMarcus Couins.

Adam Zagoria rebuffed that rumor in a recent blog post and has gained information from sources close to the situation that both will be deemed eligible for the upcoming school year.

Good news for Cats fans...


Counting the Chickens?

Memphis has failed to find any evidence regarding Derrick Rose and his fraudulent SAT exam.

Is it a shocker to anyone in the sports world that the media has jumped the gun once again?

This situation reeked of a vendetta from the very beginning. Should the fault have not lied in the hands of the NCAA clearinghouse for deeming Derrick Rose eligible? I never understood the media and their attacking demeanor of the Memphis program and John Calipari for something that they APPROVED.

The question I have now is will the media recent on its personal lambasting of Calpiari and the Memphis program? When it's all said and done, these accusations will be proven false and not the fault of the coach and/or the program. However, Calipari and company were thrown over the coals before the true facts of the accusations and investigation were even released. People like Pat Forde and Skip Bayless were heard screaming to the mountain tops for the lynching of the coach and the program in question.

While, a school like Arkansas pulls a Florida State and was getting ghost writers for their athletes papers and it doesn't even deserve mention on the ESPN college basketball section. The aforementioned violations have a personal confession!! Where is Skip Bayless screaming for a year long suspension of the Arkansas coaching staff?

The media's integrity continues to slide down a steady slope into rumor mongering. With the downfall of the newspaper business they've apparently decided to print anything and everything that will help sell their papers, even if the integrity of the report is in question.

While, the NCAA continues to show a favoritism that rivals our anonymous hecklers love for Kris, Coach Calipari is consistently scrutinized and never found guilty of any true accusations, but Reggie Bush and Corey Maggette were living the big life in college and have admitted their guilt. Yet, nothing has ever materialized of the NCAA's investigation (10 years for the "Ongoing" Duke investigation). However, that is a story for another day.


New Member of The PMB Staff!

First off....I hope everyone likes the new domain name we have chosen for the blog and hope that it is an easy enough one to remember! Keep telling people about us....we're still seeing a steady increase in hits and new viewers and that's all we can ask...

Second, we have added a new member, Gary, to The PMB staff and he'll be making his inaugural post later tonight (barring any unforeseen circumstances).

I'm sure you'll all enjoy his posts and he will make a great member of the blogging team. He should provide a different viewpoint on several subjects(except that he is a Kentucky fan like myself) and will even bring a golfing aspect to the blog (an area that Kris and I were sorely lacking).

Look for his post and more throughout tonight.



NBA Finals preview

So the NBA Finals are just right around the corner, starting this Thursday. Lets take a look at the match-ups. I will go ahead and assume that Jameer Nelson will not be suiting up even though Orlando's doctors are going to evaluate him to see if he can go for the finals. I don't think it would be a good idea to play him and take a chance at ruining the chemistry this team already has working for them.

The Lakers are supposed to be here. They were here last year and didn't lose anyone off that team, instead they gained Andrew Bynum coming back healthy. Plus we all know you never bet against The Black Mamba (I refuse to refer to him as Kobe Bryant anymore). The Magic are here because they keep refusing to lose to teams that they were supposed to lose too. They knocked out the defending champs of last year, the Boston Celtics and then took down The King and his team full of court jesters. Orlando shouldn't be here, but they are.

So lets get into the position breakdowns of each starter and see who wins the individual battles. We all know thats what the NBA is all about anyways.

Point Gaurds
Derek Fisher vs. Rafer Alston

This is actually a tough one to make a call on. Derek Fisher has been here many times over in his career. He's been doing it for years and has won big games. Don't sleep on Skip to my Lou though. He has been clutch throughout these playoffs and shows that he belongs in the league and not just on some outside street court. It seems like he is shooting 90% from three point line in the last two series (I am aware thats not the right percentage, but you get the idea). If Alston can keep up his hot hand at shooting while still being the floor general, then he will take this match-up.

Skip to my Lou

Shooting Gaurds
Black Mamba vs. Courtney Lee

Sorry Courtney...it's not even close. You have saw the commericial...how do you stop the unstoppable?

Black Mamba

Small Forwards
Trevor Ariza vs. Hedo Turkoglu

Another interesting match-up. Normally, I would have taken Hedo in a heartbeat, but no one can deny the fact that Trevor Ariza has been playing balls out in these playoffs. He is a big reason the Lakers are in the finals. He always seems to come up with some type of critical steal at the end of games. Trevor has also become a solid outside threat to hit the open three. Even with all that, I still like Hedo in this matchup. He seems so slow footed yet still finds a way to drive on anyone that gaurds him. He is able to create shots for his teammates with his driving and passing abilities. He is also able to knock down the long ball as well. So while Trevor is waiting for someone to kick him the ball for an open shot, Hedo is creating them for his teammates.

Hedo Turkoglu

Power Forwards
Pau Gasol vs. Rashard Lewis

These are two different types of players who just happen to play the same postion. Ironic, I know. Rashard Lewis would be a small forward on any other team in the league, but not Orlando. He could cause some definite match-up problems on the perimeter for Pau. Rashard has hit some big shots in these playoffs as well, but I'm still not sure he is worth the contract that Orlando dished out to him though. On the flip side, I think Rashard would need a lot of help side defense to guard Pau in the post. So this comes down to what would you prefer? A post player or a perimeter player? I will take the post player any day of the week.

Pau Gasol

Andrew Bynum vs. Superman

Although Bynum is a big presence in the middle, he cannot touch the athleticism and talent of Howard. This is the second easiest one to choose.

Dwight Howard

Lakers vs. Magic

The Lakers take this one just on the fact that they have Lamar Odom. He is like having a 6th starter for the Lakers. He can come off the bench and look like one of the best players in the league at times. At other times, you don't even realize he's out there on the court. He alone is better than Orlando's J.J. Reddick and that tall white center that looks like he could be in a motorcycle gang during the off season.

The Lakers

According to my opinion of the match-ups, it appears the Lakers are on their way to another Finals victory. It should be an exciting series though. I'll take the Lakers in 6.