Black Mamba strikes first

>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Well to say the first game of the finals was a bore, would be an understatement. You know what, I take that back, watching Kobe Bryant in that zone he gets into from time to time is something special to watch. He was unbelievable tonight. Scoring 40 points, dishing out 8 dimes, and 8 rebounds to boot. The Black Mamba was so good tonight that it rubbed off on his teammates. I'm only saying this because I saw Luke Walton score a basket or two tonight.

If Orlando wants to bounce back in game two, they need Dwight Howard to find a way to stay out of foul trouble. It wouldn't hurt if they didn't allow Kobe to outscore their big three of Howard, Hedo, and Lewis. Or at the very least, I want to see the amazing things that Jameer Nelson claims he does on the court. They need something amazing to happen, if they want to have a shot in hell at beating L.A.


The New Face & Belly of All Sport....

Following a six month suspension by the PGA tour for negative off-course publicity, John Daly returns June 11th for the St. Jude Classic with a different form of hydration. All Sport and Daly have agreed to a multiyear endorsement deal where Daly will proudly display the All Sport logo on his golf bag.

Who better than John Daly to endorse a sugar free, low calorie sports drink that provides the optimal balance of ingredients needed for rehydration. With added B6 and B12 vitamins, All Sport is finally giving John the formula for competing at a high level on the PGA Tour.


I stand corrected...

ESPN is reporting that Jameer Nelson will be activated for the first game of the finals tonight. I honestly thought that when someone had season ending surgery, it meant their season was over. Obviously, I was wrong.

I feel like Jameer put it best when he stated, "I'm not saying I'm any tougher or stronger than anybody, but I've been known to do some amazing things sometimes."

That quote alone instantly makes me a fan of Jameer Nelson. Look out for me to be rocking his jersey soon or at least his jersey t-shirt thing that is the new fad now.


LaRussa Don't Take No Tweet....

Tony LaRussa is suing Twitter, because of an impersonator damaging his reputation.

The idiots made several tweets regarding the death's of former Cardinal's pitchers, Daryl Kile and Josh Hancock, and LaRussa's DUI conviction. However, the joke lies on the tweeters, because there is a little diddy about Tony they failed to realize. Mr. LaRussa is the proud owner of a degree from Florida State's college of Law. Impersonating an attorney?



DWade Likes the Ganja?

Dwayne Wade is a pot-smoking bully and coward? According to an e-mail sent by his former business partner, Richard Von Houtman, to Pat Riley, DWade is not the person that his public persona depicts. Houtman sent an e-mail to Riley stating:

"Your players were caught in a hotel room smoking marijuana. From Wade to [name deleted] and the rest of the NBA players. Is it just about selling tickets?" the lawsuit quotes the e-mail as saying. It later adds, "The Miami Heat 'Drugs, Sex & Basketball'."

Houtman continued...

"Behind closed doors, Mr. Wade is a bully and a coward," the e-mail says.

Wade and other unnamed Miami Heat players were also accused of using cocaine and steroids throughout the email.

The accusations have infuriated D-Wade, a former NBA Finals MVP, to the point that he has brought forth a 100 million dollar libel lawsuit against Houtman. Whether or not these allegations are true it will still be a blow to the infallible reputation of Mr. Wade.

Wade epitomized the term role model and had been respected for several charitable contributions and his "approachability" throughout the media. Sure, it's asinine to believe these athletes are the same people away from the cameras that we see every time they grace our television screens, but it's still a damn shame to learn of these alleged allegations. We had become to believe that Wade was the antithesis of Kobe Bryant and a needed representation of an NBA that has become filled with arrogance, thuggish behavior and attitude, but apparently it was a facade developed by the fans.


As We Said Before....

We told you last week that Jodie Meeks had every intention of staying in this years NBA Draft....and all indications are still pointing in that very direction.

Jodie, himself, posted a recent update on his combine process and other aspects of preparing for the draft.

Norcross, GA. – Hello again and I just thought this would be a good time to take a moment and update those who are interested in what I am doing. It is widely known that I have worked out for Oklahoma, Detroit, Washington, Atlanta, and I just finished a workout with Minnesota. I don't think it is fair to share my future schedule as the teams have a right to announce for themselves who they are working out. I have not been able to schedule workouts for all of the teams that were interested in me. There just weren't enough days and some of the schedules clashed. I'll just say, I have been having a lot of fun flying from city to city and I have met many very good people. The NBA GM's, Assistant GM's and Coaches have been great! I have been amazed and humbled at how much the NBA coaches and GM's have watched me during the season.

When I started this journey I said I would keep my options open for a return to UK. I am still pursuing my dream of playing in the NBA, but I have not closed any doors.

My NBA predraft assessment was a snapshot, a picture of what the NBA saw in me when I entered into the draft. It said I could be as high as middle first round, could be late first round prior to any workouts, but as people declare for the draft it could change. I could also be as low as the early second round if the teams needs, or if other players were viewed ahead of me. I know the mock drafts didn't know that information, but it has been interesting to see people say I wouldn't even be drafted! I have only gathered input from NBA personnel. One of the GM's from the NBA shared with me that he thought I would be a better player in the NBA than I was at college, another said he thought I could be a big scorer in the pro's. One day I hope I can live up to their expectations. The input has been good. I will continue to work hard, and will make a decision prior to the deadline.

Thanks for all of your support and interest.

While all Kentucky fans would love for Jodie Meeks to return to the University of Kentucky, its starting to appear even more likely that he will remain in the draft.

Jodie is looking for a team to commit to him in the latter half of the first round and/or early second. Everyone realizes the benefits of returning to play within the DDM offense, but this year's draft will be much, much weaker than the crop that will be on display in 2010.

Currently, Jodie is competing against talents like Toney Douglas, Wayne Ellington, Jermaine Taylor and Marcus Thornton for a solidified position (all comparable talents) and is currently ranked the #8 SG on the board VIA Draft Express.

Jodie's current position in several resepected mock drafts....

Draft Express-Second Round-16th Pick-Cleveland Cavaliers Mock-Second Round-11th Pick-New Jersey Nets Round-12th Pick-Los Angeles Lakers

A decision should come in the near future.