Black Mamba - 2 Orlando - 0

>> Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Alright so Kobe wasn't as dominant as he was in the last game but he and the Lakers still got the job done tonight. Superman once again disappoints, but in all fairness its hard to score when Phil Jackson throws 3 players at you everytime you touch the ball.

Some random observations from this game include; my man, J.J. Reddick getting love with some pt in the fourth quarter and overtime. He held his own I suppose, I am just glad he got that backne under control. Thank god he was able to wear a cut off sleeve shirt in college.

Has anyone else noticed that ABC is 0-2 in showing the opening tip off of the game? I don't know why, but it pisses me off. I want to see the game from beginning to end.

When did Tony Battie sneak back into the league? I like when the announcers referenced his experience with the Celtics in the conference finals in 2002 as if it is going to benefit the Magic 7 years later. Sad.

The game was a lot more exciting tonight, I am curious to see how it plays out down in Orlando. It might not be a sweep afterall.


What a Special Day...

Today the world was privileged to watch, arguably, two of the greatest athletes of all time perform at their highest levels. On the same day Roger Federer completed a career Grand Slam and tied Pete Sampras's record of 14 major titles, Tiger Woods battled from four strokes behind to win the Memorial Tournament for the fourth time. A determined Tiger Woods was able to birdie the 17th and 18th holes to give him a one shot victory over second place finisher Jim Furyk. The most clutch athlete of all time under pressure finished at 12 under par 276 for the tournament and heads into the U.S. Open in two weeks to defend his title with plenty of momentum in his favor.

Personally, I am a huge Tiger Woods fan, and it was great to see him truly healthy since the ACL surgery. With today's victory, Wood's was finally able to silence the criticism on how bad he had been playing. Of course it would take time for him to be able to compete at a 100% level considering the ACL surgery and how long he was out of competition. Winning the Memorial Tournament will give Wood's the confidence boost he has been looking for, and I look forward to seeing him dominate the remainder of the season.

Today was truly a special day in the sports world! Thank you Roger and Tiger.


Tasmin Mitchell to Withdraw from NBA Draft...

LSU Coach Trent Johnson is a very happy man today. Star forward, Tasmin Mitchell, has withdrawn his name for consideration from the NBA Draft.

Mitchell averaged 16.3 points a game last year and has a great chance to finish his career at LSU with a degree and as the third all-time leading scorer in school history. Johnson has stated that he plans to use Mitchell at his more natural position, the 3 spot, if he chose to return for his senior season, and that could help strengthen his spot within the draft next year.

Mitchell joins Patrick Patterson and Jarvis Varnado as three possible SEC 1st teamers that have chosen to return to their respective schools.


He's Like a Wart...

Brett Favre continues his strive to return to the NFL, AGAIN. The 48 year old, 12 time retired quarterback apparently had surgery to repair the biceps tendon that plagued him last season with the NY Jets.

Favre is really looking to stick it to the Packers by flirting with Brad Childress and the Packers chief rival, the Minnesota Vikings. If Favre decides to join the Vikings franchise, he would likely lose the support of many devout Packer fans. Favre has slowly become that wart that disappears for a bit, but you just know its going to make its not so triumphant return and annoy the piss out of you once again.


Billy Gone Bad....

Just when you thought Billy Clyde Gillispie had done everything terribly wrong during his tenure at UK, he goes and does something even more ridiculous.

KSR is reporting that BCG has all of his UK gear for sale on the wonderful website known as Craigslist. Craigslist of all places!

BCG Gear on Craigslist.

Before you say, "C'mon, Derrick, that really isn't BCG's shit," AllKySports has followed up on the listed product, according to Matt Jones, and it has been verified as being all of Billy's UK gear.

Seriously, that dude is a character....or an asshole...whichever you prefer.


The Greatest?

I'm sitting here watching an absolute display of tennis mastery by Roger Federer at Roland Garros and the comparisons to Pete Sampras have been flooding the airways(even more than usual).

With his dismantling of Soderling at 6-1, 7-6(7-1), 6-4, Federer has now tied Pete Sampras with 14 career grand slam titles and completed the "Career Grand Slam." Wimbledon, a tournament that Federer has dominated, is right around the corner and there is a very, very good chance that Federer will surpass Sampras on the all time Grand Slam wins list.

Their careers had been eerily similar until today. Both men were able to dominate the other three grand slam tournaments, but Roland Garros always got the best of both men and neither were able to capture a French Open title until today. We can now supplant Roger Federer in the history books as the greatest tennis player of all time.

The 27 year old Swiss has compiled an impressive array of stats over his career(including today)...
Career W-L-644-155
Career Singles Titles-59
Career Doubles Titles-8
Career Grand Slam Titles-14
Career Earnings-$46,000,000+

Compared to the career of Mr. Sampras.
Career W-L-735-201
Career Singles Titles-64
Career Doubles Titles-0
Career Grand Slam Titles-14
Career Earnings-$43,000,000+

While, Federer still has several good years left in his tennis life, we can assume, barring injury, that Federer will surpass Sampras in every single aforementioned category. Enjoy it, folks. Anytime you have the opportunity to watch Roger Federer play tennis, you are watching the greatest of all-time.