Stevie Johnson, The PMB's Favorite, Takes Time Out...

>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

As many of you know, a couple of members of The PMB staff are UK Alumni and huge UK Fans. Over the past several years UK football has taken a step toward the right direction and The Fly Guy, Stevie Johnson, was an integral part in turning the program around. He brought skill and charisma to the table that had been lacking throughout the down times of the program, which helped him develop the reputation as a fan favorite. Stevie was eventually drafted by the Buffalo Bills and is becoming an instant success on the NFL level, recording two touchdowns in his rookie season(With plenty more to come this year!).

The Buffalo Bill wide receiver was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer several questions for The PMB.

Q)As UK alums, we loved watching you play. What were a couple of your favorite moments while playing for the Wildcats?

A)My fav. moments were before the games on the bus in the back watching the fans from both sides and I'm in the back doing some crazy dance or the days we check in the hotels before the games and me and Dicky have our wrestling match (of course i always win).

Q)Do you still follow the UK football program? What are your expectations for the team in 2009?

A)Yes I still check out my guys. I'm still in touch with the players, even the new guys. I expect another bowl game win. I expect to be on top of the college board in the Bills WR room.

Q)One of our favorite moments was against Louisville when "Stevie Got Loose." Can you talk a little bit about that moment?

That was crazy. I don't believe anybody was nervous at all during that play because the play before that (when we got the penalty) we ran the same exact play that i eventually scored on, anyway, the play before that I was open down the side but Dre(Andre Woodson) dropped it off to Raf(Rafael Little). So me and Dre knew the play would be open. Coach Phillips seen it also that's why we called the same play. We ran that play plenty of times during 2 min. at practice.

Q)What are your personal expectations for this upcoming season with the Buffalo Bills? Any personal goals you have set for yourself to achieve?

A)Personal goal: 6 Touchdowns. However, my expectations for myself is to backup every WR position and when I'm called upon I'm going to step in as if I was never out, ya know? Basically, I plan to win (NBA terms) 6th man of the year hahahaha. 12th Man right, hahaha.

Q)How does a Cali boy, like yourself, like living the lifestyle in the Great White North, aka Buffalo?

Its all good living here in Buffalo. I'm use to the diversity. San Francisco was diverse, up the highway in Fairfield, Ca was diverse, and Kentucky was diverse to this Cali Boy, so I was cool. Plus my parents always told me about being diverse and versatile in any situation I'm in. Athletes Adjust ;-)

Q)We know that you're serious about getting into the rap game and one of our favorite youtube videos of all time is your, "UK Pre-Game Rap." How is that going for you? If it's going well, The PMB would like to help support you in that venture and help promote you on our site.

Aw man, I appreciate the support we will have to stay in contact for sure as far as promotions on my side. However, as for the pre-game rap I didn't know it would have any hits on youtube. If i would have known it was going to be like that then I would have really came with some fire. I was just getting the guys out of the norm, ya know. Shaking things up with a Motivational Speech that happened to rhyme haha. To let them know this is a different group of Wildcats.

Q)I want to thank you once again, bro! This was really cool of you...and we appreciate it!

A)Thank you guys for the opportunity to do this interview.
"Big Time Players make Big Time Plays"


The Return of Phil

While my fellow playmakers are off at work being able to walk, I am laid up in bed following yesterdays back surgery. The surgery itself was successful and hopefully I will be up and moving in no time. I appreciate all the prayers and support.

Compared to what Phil & Amy Mickelson have went through the past couple of weeks, I have no right to complain about my small problems. Three weeks after announcing to the world that his wife, Amy, was diagnoised with breast cancer, Phil Mickelson returns back to competition in the St. Jude Classic on June 11, 2009. Currently Phil is 2 under par through seven.

Personally, I cannot imagine the emotional turmoil Phil is facing going into today's tournament. We here at the playmakers are certainly pulling for the Mickelson family and look forward to seeing Phil perform well at the St. Jude Classic.