Turf Toe Tuesday Tribute

>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In the continued effort to raise awareness of the turf toe pandemic and to give props to Derrick's "Old School Athlete Tribute" segment, I decided to do a piece on a notable case of turf toe ... Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders, mostly recognized for his alter ego, Prime Time, and his touchdown celebrations, will also be remembered for an injury that hampered him throughout his NFL career. As he neared the end of his football career, his playing time was severely reduced because of turf toe. The injury became so severe, that in 1998 Deion underwent surgery to correct the problem.

Currently, Deion does what every other retired NFL player does ... works as a host on NFL Gameday. I really just wanted to do this piece so I can post the video of MC Hammer ft. Deion Sanders "Straight to my Feet" or in Deion's case "Straight to my Toe."


Poor, Poor Joe Buck...

Most of us are probably in the same boat and had no idea that sports announcer Joe Buck was granted his own TV show on HBO. However, I do believe the only thing good that will ever happen on this show transpired last night...

Comedian Artie Lang absolutely destroyed Joe Buck's first attempt at interviewing someone outside the realm of sports, and, well, it was hilarious. See for yourself...

Artie Lang single handedly ruined Joe Buck's foray into late night TV and it was amazing!


30 days..you have got to be kidding me

Donte' Stallworth had the legal system come down on him pretty hard today. I mean 30 days of jail, 2 years home arrest and a lifetime ban of his driver's license for getting drunk, driving, and killing a 59 year old man? Doesn't that seem a little harsh to you all?

This is ridiculous, plain and simple. Mike Vick killed some dogs and had serve a couple of years in prison and a little house arrest himself. Stallworth literally runs over a guy drunk, kills the poor man and has to pull 30 days in jail?

I know that the family agreed to all of terms of the plea bargain and I am sure they were well compensated by Stallworth, but still this isn't right. My guess is Stallworth will be playing football for free for a few years to pay this one off. Thats if Goodell even allows him back on the field this decade. I am curious to see what type of punishment Stallworth will recieve for this from the good ole' commsioner of the league.

This just doesn't seem fair at all. I mean a guy was killed walking down the street and the killer will possibly be playing professional football again this year. There are some serious holes in the judicial system, come on Gary your a lawyer, you need to do something about this.


This Playmaker's Post Draft Deadline/Recruiting Top 10...

Recently the deadline for underclassmen passed for the NBA draft and most recruiting for the 2009-2010 season has been completed. We now have a general idea of how teams will look at the beginning of the season, and while its hard to predict how freshmen will develop and teams will mesh...I'd like to present to you my very early NCAA Basketball Top 10...

1) Kansas-They are LOOOOADED! They return one of the best point guards in the country in Sherron Collins and Cole Aldrich is a beast in the post. Bill Self landed another impressive recruiting haul headlined by Xavier Henry.

2) Villanova-My second favorite group of Wildcats return nearly every one from a Final Four team, including Corey Fisher and Scottie Reynolds. Jay Reynolds continues to impress on the recruiting trail and is bringing several more McDonald's All-Americans to Philly.

3) Michigan State-Tom Izzo continues to make Final Four appearances with less talent than everyone else. Expect him to be a favorite to be there again, because he is returning the nucleus of a team that made the finals last season. Kalin Lucas, Raymar Morgan and Devlon Roe will lead the Big 10 favorites.

4) West Virginia-Bobby Huggins has continued to build the quality program that John Beilein started. Da'Sean Butler returns to lead the second most talented squad in the Big East.

5) Texas-Damion James returned to help bolster Rick Barnes already talented squad. Mix in Avery Bradley and Jordan Hamilton with the man child, Dexter Pittman, on the inside and you have your Big 12 champion.

6) Kentucky-Calipari has completely overhauled the roster in Lexington, KY and has the makings of one of the most talented squads in the country. The loss of Jodie Meeks stings, but with Patrick Patterson leading one of the top 3 front courts in the country and John Wall handling the rock, Calipari's Cat's will make noise come tournament time.

7) Tennessee-Bruce Pearl's squad underachieved last season, but returns its entire nucleus of talent and has the ability to challenge Kentucky in the SEC. Tyler Smith, who delayed his NBA aspirations, joins Wayne Chism and Scotty Hopson to form a deadly trio.

8) North Carolina-This may be a little high considering the massive losses that Roy Williams must endure, but UNC is still a talented team. Ed Davis and Tyler Zeller perform a dangerous combo on the post, but their season could hinge on the maturation process of Larry Drew at point guard.

9) Washington-Lorenzo Romar will have one of the most talented backcourts in the country at his disposal next season. Isiah Thomas and Abdul Gaddy will be a tough matchup for any team and will flourish in Romar's up-tempo style.

10) Butler-Butler is no longer considered a mid-major program. Shelvin Mack and Matt Howard are two of the best unknown commodities in the country and will lead Butler to another successful season.

On the outside looking in: Duke, Purdue, California, Mississippi State,


Gary Parrish & Andy Katz Throw Out Their Pre-Season Top 25's...

Gary Parrish and Andy Katz both released their pre-season/post NBA draft top 25's today...here's a quick look at their respective top 10s...

Andy Katz
1. Kansas
2. Michigan State
3. Texas
4. Villanova
5. North Carolina
6. Purdue
7. Kentucky
8. Tennessee
9. West Virginia
10. Duke

Rest of Katz's Top 25

Gary Parrish
1. Kansas
2. Kentucky
3. Michigan State
4. North Carolina
5. Texas
6. Villanova
7. Duke
8. UConn
9. Purude
10. West Virginia

Rest of Parrish's Top 25

I'll be back later with a break down of The Playmakers Top 10!