Tiger In Danger of Missing Cut

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

The day after Thursday's play was suspended due to heavy rains at Bethpage Black, play resumed at the 2009 U.S. Open Championship on Friday only to see the favored champions struggle throughout the first round. After shooting his highest opening round score since 2006, Tiger Woods is in danger of missing the cut going into weekend play. Woods completed first round play with a 74 - 4 over par. Woods finished 10 strokes behind the then leader Mike Weir, who opened first round play with a 64 in better afternoon conditions.

Heading to the 15th hole, Woods was only one shot out of the lead when disaster struck. After the last four holes, Woods was four over par. Currently, Woods is in danger of missing his first major cut since the 2006 U.S. Open at Winged Foot where he shot a 76 playing for the first time after his father's death. Personally, I believe Tiger will make the cut with a strong second round finish. Nobody is better when his back is against the wall than Tiger Woods. He defines himself under pressure, one reason I love to watch him. It will be interesting to see how the remainder of the U.S. Open pans out!


Not So Nice, Tubby...

When you talk to UK fans about Orlando "Tubby" Smith you'll find a mixed reaction from the respective participants. Many felt Tubby was the quintessential of class and did nothing but promote a clean and stellar reputation for the University of Kentucky. While, on the other hand, you'll find individuals whom believe Orlando was a bit of a "poser," so to speak. The group that deemed him a "poser" may have been somewhat correct.

Tubby Smith left the basketball program in Lexington 2.5 million dollars poorer and nearly in shambles. Tubby did so without enough respect to inform his current roster and his true colors began to show. He isn't the epitome of perfect that many in the media have labeled him and those dark colors have appeared once again. Tubby is being sued by former Oklahoma State assistant, Jimmy Williams, for the second time. Smith, apparently, offered Williams a job and later reneged on his offer and cost Williams his job with the Cowboys.

Of course, these kinds of incidents happen daily within the business world, but it has dealt a blow to the reputation of the man who has been "knighted" by the media.


Goodell Lays Down the Law..

Kris made a post a few days ago regarding the judicial system's punishment for Donte Stallworth and many were appalled. Stallworth, while drunk, ran over and killed an individual. A very serious and heinous crime that was deserving of much more than 30 days in the local lockup. We all understand that this individual's family may have been greedy and agreed to receiving money in place of their family members life, but it is still disappointing to see an athlete get off so easily.

Roger Goodell has a different eye for punishment and believes in punishing someone to the severity of their personal crime. Goodell placed Stallworth on indefinite suspension from the NFL and Stallworth will remain suspended until Goodell determines otherwise.

Goodell had this to say regarding the matter;

"The conduct reflected in your guilty plea resulted in the tragic loss of life and was inexcusable," Goodell wrote. "While the criminal justice system has determined the legal consequences of this incident, it is my responsibility as NFL commissioner to determine the appropriate league discipline for your actions, which have caused irreparable harm to the victim and his family, your club, your fellow players and the NFL."

Maybe the judicial system in this country can take notes from a man who knows how to lay down the law.

A drunken and irresponsible crime that results in the death of an individual should result in a longer sentence than what some pot smoker's receive.

Thank You, Roger Goodell.