Meeks is a Buck!

>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jodie Meeks is now a Milwaukee Buck. With the 41st overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks selected University of Kentucky guard Jodie Meeks in the second round.

As the 41st pick, Jodie can now silence the critics who said he would go undrafted. Meeks joins Brandon Jennings, who was selected as the 10th overall pick by the Bucks. More to come later...


The Ramblin' Wreck...

Paul Johnson brought his triple-option attack to Atlanta from the Naval Academy and it received more than its fair share of criticism....until the season began. Johnson's throwback offense put up great numbers all year long and helped the Yellow Jackets to a nine win season. Will defenses be more keen to stop the three-pronged rushing attack after a year of film or will Johnson's crew continue to excel?

Jonathan Dwyer believes it will flourish and he has good reason for that mindset. Dwyer rushed for 1,395 yards and 12 touchdowns and was named the ACC Player of the Year last season and is expecting an even bigger junior season. Dwyer isn't alone on offense, because eight other starters will return to join him on the offensive side of the ball.

Dwyer will be joined by Roddy Jones (700 yards rushing) and Louisville transfer Anthony Allen in the backfield. That running back trio gives quarterback Josh Nesbitt plenty of options to pitch the ball to or fake the pitch and bust down the sideline. Nesbitt is a serious threat on the ground and rushed for nearly 700 yards last season, but his passing game must improve. Nesbitt completed under 45% of his passes last season, so it can't get much worse. Nesbitt's favorite target, Demaryius Thomas, returns to help on the outside and provide some semblance of a downfield threat. Offense isn't the only position with talent returning for the Jackets.

Dave Wommack's defense returns eight starters and is lead by cornerback Rashaad Reid and Sedri Griffin. While the defense struggled at times last year (42 points to UGA, 38 points against LSU), Wommack expects the squad to improve with a year's maturity. However, after losing Michael Johnson, Vance Walker and Darryl Richard, they must find help on the defensive line.

Bobby Johnson had never attempted to recruit against the big boys, but he managed to put together a capable class (49th according to David Sims is a tremendous athlete who has potential to get snaps under center and will provide a dynamic playmaker for the offensive unit. J.C. Lanier headlines the defensive haul. The four-star defensive tackle should provide some help on a thin interior.

September 5th-Jacksonville State-Win
September 10th-Clemson-Win
September 17th-@Miami, FL-Win
September 26th-North Carolina-Win
October 3rd-@Mississippi State-Loss
October 10th-@Florida State-Loss
October 17th-Virginia Tech-Loss
October 24-@Virginia-Win
October 31-@Vanderbilt-Loss
November 7th-Wake Forest-Win
November 14-@Duke-Win
November 28th-Georgia-Loss

Season Projection: 7-5 (6-2 ACC)


Rondo's Agent Speaks ...

Danny Ainge, General Manager of the Boston Celtics, just can't seem to get his story straight regarding point guard Rajon Rondo . On Tuesday Aingie was very fond of Rondo, stating he loved the kid and thought he had a bright future ahead of him. On Wednesday Aingie was publicly critical of Rondo stating he needed to "grow up" and "his presence hurt the team" during the Eastern Conference semifinals.

After Ainge's public criticism of Rondo to WEEI, Bill Duffy, Rondo's agent, fired back at Ainge stating,

"I don't think that it's appropriate to say that about one of your top players. Even if it's spoken constructively, I don't think it should be done in public. I don't think he would like it if Wyc [Grousbeck, the organization's managing partner] was talking about him in public."

After Ainge stated Tuesday that he did not anticipate trading any of the Celtics core players, his actions leave Rondo's future with the Celtics up in the air. One day he praises his point guard and the very next day he verbally attacks him. Danny needs to get his story straight before he goes public. It will be interesting to see what Danny Boy has to say tomorrow ...


Where Will Elliot End Up?

Elliot Williams, whom earlier this week declared his intentions to transfer from Duke , has decided on his list of schools. Williams possibilities include Memphis, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky.

The former Dukie said of the four selected schools,

"That's why I'm looking at these schools, because I know them. I know the coaches," Williams said.

Williams is a former McDonald's All-American from Memphis and was forced to return closer to home because of an illness with his mother. If an illness is the main reasoning for the move, one would think that Memphis would be a clear leader, but it appears that Williams will exhaust all of his options.

Williams is applying for a waiver to play immediately due to the illness. The situation is similar to Tennessee's Tyler Smith and there is a decent chance of the waiver being approved. With the aforementioned scenario, Kentucky's chances increase because of the availability of Jodie Meeks scholarship.

There is no timetable on his decision, at this moment.


Vinsanity to Orlando?

Vince Carter is headed to Orlando. The Orlando Magic, fresh of an appearance in the NBA Finals, are upgrading their roster for another run at a title.

The Magic will send Skip to My Lou, Courtney Lee and 86 year old Tony Battie to New Jersey and receive Vince and Ryan Anderson in the swap. Sure, Vince isn't the same man that once dunked over a 7'1" man, but he will still provide even more dynamite to an already dangerous offense. The loss of Courtney Lee will hurt in the future, but it appears Orlando wants to win now and, if they resign Turkoglu, they'll have a roster as good or better than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It's been an extremely busy pre-draft week with lots of big names changing teams. Tonight should be interesting!

More to come later regarding the draft and more college football previews!


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A 7'1", 315 Pound Black Man in Cleveland?

Lebron is finally getting some help that's not named Big Z. Shaq appears to be joining him in Cleveland in another pre-draft trade. Shaq will head to Cleveland in exchange for Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, the 46th pick in the draft and 500,000 dollars.

Cleveland, it seems, is doing everything in their power to keep Lebron from bolting following the 2010 season and this is a solid start. While, my favorite team, the Suns are apparently going back to their cheap ass ways. Maybe they need to admit that the whole Steve Kerr hiring has been nothing short of a disaster. Thanks for blowing up the most exciting team in the NBA, Steve. Idiot.